They haven’t mastered stability, upright-ness or toddling just yet, but with the help of furniture or anything else they can pull themselves up on, cruisers are getting closer and closer to becoming little walkers and they need durable infant shoes to support them. With such a monumental task at hand, cruising calls for Xplorer: Bendier, lighter, tougher infant shoes for crawlers and pre-walkers. 



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Supportive & Durable Shoes For Infants


Almost every piece of Bobux fabric and leather shoes for infants is crafted by hand before being lovingly assembled by expert shoe makers who care about the details. From thoughtfully selected leather, the softest merino wool and the world’s smartest knits, we craft the best infant shoes for growing feet.


Our range of infant shoes US cover styles for all seasons, trainers, dress shoes and simple slip on shoes. To inspire your little ones imagination, our soft leather baby crawler shoes come in an array of colours - from bright raspberry pink and orange, to striking metallic colours - navy, gold, rose gold and silver.


Designed from the sole up, hand crafted with care. We make the shoes that your kids will love. Shop our range for girls and boys shoes today and treat your little explorer today!


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To give you confidence that you’re buying the best baby crawler shoes for your young child’s development, we offer returns and exchanges - so you can shop with peace of mind!


The Xplorer Stage Shoe is the perfect shoe for little cruisers and crawlers as they embark on their earliest adventures. Our baby shoes pre walkers come in sizes EU 18-EU 22. Our Xplorer range is designed for the crawling and cruising development stage - usually for babies up until around two years of age.


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