Infant boys haven’t mastered stability, upright-ness or toddling just yet, but with the help of furniture or anything else they can pull themselves up on, cruisers are getting closer and closer to becoming little walkers and they need specially designed boys infant shoes to support them. With such a monumental task at hand, cruising calls for Xplorer: Bendier, lighter, tougher infant shoes for boys.



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Xplorer - Specially Designed Boys Infant Shoes


Every pair of infant boy shoes was designed in consultation with podiatrists and every one of our shoes for infant boys are built to exacting standards for healthy feet. Our carefully selected materials are endorsed by podiatrists all over the world for their durability, breathability and flexible range of movement.


Our range of infant boy shoes were expertly designed and made by hand before being lovingly assembled by experts who care. From thoughtfully selected leather, the softest merino wool and the world’s smartest knits, our people craft the best shoes for infant boys for growing feet.


Shop Quality Boys Shoes For Crawling & Cruising


Our range of infant boys shoes US cover styles for all seasons, trainer style, dress shoes and simple slip on shoes. Our shoes for infant boys come in an array of colours - from classic blueberry and vibrant orange, to charcoal and navy tones. 


Our boys pre walker shoes come in sizes EU 18-EU 22, to keep those little baby boys feet happy and healthy right up until they start to learn to walk. We recommend our Xplorer range for babies up until around two years of age, or until your little one is confidently walking.


We want you and your baby to love their infant boys shoes, so we offer returns and exchanges so you can shop with peace of mind. 

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