The stage range for cruisers

They haven’t mastered stability, upright-ness or toddling just yet, but with the help of furniture or anything else they can pull themselves up on, cruisers are getting closer and closer to becoming little walkers.

With such a monumental task at hand, cruising calls for Xplorer.

The xplorer stage


/kru:z/ [verb]

To walk while holding on to furniture or other structures.
Sometimes reverts back to crawling.

The Xplorer Range is designed specifically to cater for this stage of development.

Design + Testing

Like all Bobux shoes, the Xplorer has to be the best before it gets our seal of approval.

The shape

We developed a custom ‘last’ especially for the Xplorer range: A mould in the shape of a foot that we use to build our shoes around.
Cruisers’ feet are round, chubby and their toes are a bit squared. So naturally, the Xplorer is shaped just the same. Getting the shape right means feet are unrestricted and free to develop and form naturally.

The sole

The Xplorer sole was expertly designed to give cruisers’ feet a full range of movement. When your little one is cruising, the ultralight sole flexes and moves with the movement of their feet. Movement is how kids’ feet strengthen so a flexible sole is key to their development.

The materials

Kids’ feet sweat twice as much as adults’, so the Xplorer is crafted with materials that let their feet breathe. Leather is used for this reason, as well as its impressive durability and softness. We also throw other materials in the mix when we think they could do some good, always ensuring that kids’ foot health is put first.

The ultimate test: To be an Xplorer, a shoe has to be flexible, lightweight and durable.

So once designed and built, the Xplorer is sent out for real-world testing. We give them to children at the cruising stage of their development and they take their Xplorers on all kinds of adventures to make sure they’re up to the task.

Xplorer: Flexible. Lightweight. Durable.

Designed to enable play, never to restrict:

The xplorer in action


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