Our Expertise

Our Expertise

There are a million things to worry about as a parent. Is my little darling still breathing? Seriously, they’ve been asleep for 10 minutes longer than usual… are they still breathing? I’ll just pop in and quietly get my face as close as possible to their face to check that they’re still breathing. Oh no, now they’re awake! How do I get them to sleep? ...Healthy foot development can pale in comparison.

But think about it, how much time do you spend on your feet in your life?

At Bobux we spend a lot of time thinking about what makes healthy feet. There’s a lot to it and like anything, the closer you look, the more detail there is.

Since our inception in 1991, we have always strived to do the best thing we can for kid’s feet. Over the years we’ve brought in talented foot experts to be part of our company, sought lasting partnerships with podiatrists from around the world and, importantly, spent a whole lot of time studying how children move as they grow from newborn to running and jumping little maniacs.

The really interesting thing is that how humans develop healthy feet is actually quite logical. It is we adults that seem to have forgotten the simple truth that we didn’t actually evolve with rigid shoes on the end of our legs. The idea that people need to have stiff, toe contorting shoes has actually only been around for a few hundred years. Before that soft leather was used and before that various animal hides way back into our prehistoric past.

Of course, we humans have created concrete jungles for ourselves to walk through, so an element of protection is required, but aside from being protected, little feet still need room to move, grip and grow as nature intended.

So what we do at Bobux is walk the line between protecting feet and letting them be free to develop naturally. We do this through good design that embraces how kids actually use their shoes. We support true foot health and go to great lengths to keep up with the science of healthy childhood development.

We ensure we are the experts. So you don’t have to worry about foot development and are free to spend your time worrying about their sleeping, eating, social development and breathing.

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