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Podiatrist Approved Baby, Toddler & Kids Shoes

Podiatrist Approved Baby, Toddler & Kids Shoes

Bobux shoes have been reviewed and approved by industry leading podiatrists, and have been specially designed for healthy growing feet. If you want to find out more about healthy foot development check out our Ultimate Guide to Kids Foot Health.


Just like with our own adult shoes, children’s shoes need to be comfortable and protect their feet. Our design philosophy starts with a deep understanding of what comfort means. Each one of our shoes is designed to the shape of children’s feet, with materials that are flexible to allow them to move and grow.


After almost 30 years of making the world’s best kid’s shoes, we’ve found there are five key elements that make a shoe comfortable: Flexibility, Adjustability, Breathability, Weight and Fit. That’s why our shoes are shaped like children’s feet, why they use flexible, breathable leathers and knits that are lightweight, and why they use fastening that makes them easy to wear and easy to adjust. Shoes also need to be durable to stand up to the crazy things our kids put them through and continue to protect their feet.


Stage, not age, is a mantra in our business and what it means is that we design for the stages of development a child goes through, to guide them on their journey, whether it’s our Soft Sole for babies who crawl, Step Up shoes that guide your child’s early steps or the Kid+ soles for jumping, skipping, kicking and climbing. Our shoes are designed to protect and guide your child, whatever stage they are at.


We’re constantly looking at ways we can improve on those criteria, constantly learning, and constantly developing throughout our range to keep making shoes that your kids love. Designed for freedom, from the sole up.

Hear From The Experts - Podiatrist Reviews on Bobux Shoes

In everything we do, Bobux works closely with some of the world’s leading podiatrists and foot health experts. Here’s what they have to say.

Anna Beetham

Wairarapa Sports Podiatry

Wairarapa Sports Podiatry

Even before I became a podiatrist and mum of two little pairs of feet, I had heard how dedicated this amazing New Zealand company was to looking after kids’ feet. Bobux is genuinely passionate about making shoes that nurture natural foot development, and they want to look after these precious parcels of puppy fat as they develop into the platforms from which joyful steps are taken.

Jack Duffy

JD Podiatry

JD Podiatry

Bobux is where beautiful design meets perfect function - that's very rare in the footwear industry. At JD Podiatry we take a special interest in kids feet. Kids feet are not just a scaled down version of adults feet, they are much more precious. Nurturing the growth and constant changes can be difficult in a concrete world, but with the flexibility, protection and freedom of a Bobux shoe on, it's as close as we can get to mimicking bare foot function which is essential for development. The biggest compliment we can pay is that our podiatrists put their kids in Bobux.

Dianne Keating

Mornington Foot Clinic

Mornington Foot Clinic

As a podiatrist and a mother, I know how important it is to have the right footwear for children’s feet. Bobux shoes are developed to support the natural foot strengthening that occurs during early walking. They are the perfect mix of innovation, design, comfort and style for growing little feet.

Kahlia Borserio

Central Victorian Podiatry

Central Victorian Podiatry

As a Podiatrist, Bobux is always my first recommendation when discussing footwear and development in children. I love that the these shoes are as cute as a button but are backed by science - bobux gives me piece of mind that my patients feet are developing naturally and forming a strong foundation to carry them for life without manipulating shape and position

Antoni Caserta

Fairfield Podiatry

Fairfield Podiatry

Infants, toddlers and children are forever exploring their environment and developing new skills. Bobux has a shoe that caters for each stage of a child's gross motor learning.

Kristy Markopoulos

Talaria Podiatrist

Talaria Podiatrist

Being a Podiatrist I have always been super particular on recommending shoes for children. It is so important for children’s shoes to be made with good quality products, to fit well, to take into consideration different developmental stages and to look good at the same time and Bobux does all of this! I have complete confidence in recommending Bobux shoes to all my patients and as a brand new Mum I look forward to putting Bobux shoes on my little girl knowing they are the best for her feet through all her growing stages. Thankyou to Bobux for making such wonderful Podiatry endorsed and mum friendly shoes!


For all the people behind the scenes who work tirelessly to bring joy to your child’s feet, the awards that we win always feel very special. More importantly though, to win an award for product design means that you’ve created something great. To win an award tells us that we’ve changed the world in some tiny way for the better. Here are some of the awards we’ve won:

Best Awards
Silver 2019 Best Product | Gold 2017 Best Product | Silver 2016 Best Product | Silver 2015 Best Product
IndyBest | The Independent UK
Best Durable Shoes 2021
Junior Design Awards UK
Gold 2016
Made for Mum's Award UK A/W
Silver 2022

Shop Podiatrist Approved Shoes for Babies, Toddlers and Kids

Now that you have heard from the experts, shop our range of amazing shoes that are also designed to be fashionable and look great for any event and season. Bobux shoes are made for everyday wear and even the fussiest little one will love the designs and comfort. 


We understand that the key to finding the perfect fit for your kids shoes is to always consider the functionality and shoe design! Each shoe within our bobux range has been designed to help guide the natural development of the feet. Our shoes are specially designed for little feet, not just any ordinary shoes made in kids sizes. Check out our wide range of soft sole baby shoes, and shoes for pre-schoolers to find the best fit for your child. 


View our easy shoe size guide to find the perfect fitting shoes for girls and boys. Discover stunning leather kids sandals, premium leather boots for kids and durable children's sneakers in exciting colourways, even the fussiest little one will want to wear. For the best shoes for kids foot development, trust Bobux. 


Reach out to our friendly and knowledgeable staff when purchasing your kids shoes. Offering convenience and accessibility for all, you can shop online or visit us in store, at a location closest to you.

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