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Meet the original Bobux babies!


The beginning of an adventure...


Thirty years ago, two parents started a wonderful journey from a garage in Auckland, New Zealand. Like many stories of innovation, this one began with a simple problem. Bobux founders Chris and Colleen Bennett wanted only the best for their baby daughter Chloe, they dreamed of the places that she might go, of the adventures she might have, and they wanted only the best shoes on her feet to carry her along the way. But, back in the early 1990’s, nobody was making a shoe that would truly nurture and protect babies’ feet. So, armed with just a few tools and a bit of leather, Chris Bennett crafted the very first pair of Soft Sole shoes, and they soon took the world by storm.


Thirty years and two little ones later, the original Bobux Bennett babies are all grown up now, and Chloe is even mum to two wee Bobux adventurers of her own! We caught up with the Bennett kids Chloe, Hannah and Sam to hear what it was like growing up in the world of Bobux, and where Bobux has taken them on the 30 year journey to now.

So, where did they take you?


Chris Bennett and kids Bobux




Chloe Bennett


So, what’s it been like growing up knowing you were the inspiration behind the brand - the first ever baby to wear a pair of Bobux Soft Soles?

I always feel proud knowing I’ve been part of the inspiration behind Bobux. In my early years of working at Bobux in sales, it was such a wonderful story to tell the retailers that I was the original Bobux baby and then to be able to be working for Bobux all these years later. Dad and I also did some distributor and retailer shows together and I felt so proud standing there with him telling our story.

What have you enjoyed the most about being part of the Bobux family?

From such a young age, I always felt so close to all the Bobux staff that we have had over the years. They’ve always treated me and my siblings like their own family when we went in to visit. Then when I started working at Bobux around 19 years old, I felt exactly the same way with all the people I worked with. So my favourite part of being part of the Bobux family has always been the people.


Colleen Bennett with kids Chloe and Hannah

How have you been involved in the business?

I remember as a little girl working in the Bobux factory stuffing Soft Soles and stapling header cards in the very early years. Then when I turned 19 I started working at Bobux as a sales assistant. Over the 10 years I worked at Bobux I’ve done sales, customer service, production, retail and been the office manager. It never felt like a chore to go to work. I can’t remember a day of getting up for work and not wanting to walk into the office.

What is your favourite Bobux style – past or present?

My all time favourite style every single year is the Timber boot and Paddington waterproof boot. I get a couple of pairs every year for the kids. I also loved the Xplorer shoes for both babies when they were beginning to walk. I was so sad when they grew out of them.

What are you up to now career wise?

I am now the office manager for an amazing digital agency called Gladeye.





Hannah Bennett


What is your first memory of wearing a pair of Bobux?

My first memory would be when I was about 10 years old and Dad came home with a couple of pairs of the XXL Bobux the Bear Soft Soles. I would wear them as slippers around the house - inserting a pair of woolly sheepskin insoles to make them extra snuggly. I remember Mum wearing them as slippers too!


Hannah Bennett

Growing up what did you enjoy the most about being part of the Bobux family?

Growing up there were always opportunities for Chloe, Sam and myself (even our friends) to be involved in the business. During the school holidays, Mum and Dad had us working in the factory packing shoes and pushing trolleys around for a bit of extra pocket money. While I was studying at University I worked part-time in the Bobux shop out at East Tamaki, as well as in the Marketing department helping with photoshoots and social media. I don't think I realised how lucky I was at the time but looking back I feel very grateful for those opportunities.


Do you feel proud when you think about your parents creating this successful Kiwi brand from nothing?

I do feel proud. There must have been so much stress for my parents in those earlier years; raising three young children and trying to build a business from nothing, with not a lot of money or knowing what they were doing. A lot of risks were taken with very little financial security. I truly admire everything they have achieved together.

You are currently working in the ecommerce and digital marketing team at Bobux – was working for Bobux something you always wanted to do when you were a child?

It actually was. When I was young I would say to Mum and Dad "one day I'm going to take over the business!" They would smile and nod politely. That dream quickly vanished when I was about 17 years old after seeing first hand the stresses of running a business. I still wanted to be part of the business but in a different capacity. Fortunately in June, 2020 a job opportunity became available.

Chris Bennett with kids Bobux


How does it feel being part of the present and future of the company your parents founded?

It's crazy to think how much the company has evolved in the last 30 years. I remember when it was merely an idea to develop our range for children over 4 years old. Now we have the Kid+ which fits kids up to 8 years. It's like okay, what's next? It's pretty exciting to be a part of that because who knows what the future holds. A range for adults? Anything's possible.





sam bennett


Growing up what did you enjoy the most about being part of the Bobux family?


The thing I enjoyed the most growing up as part of the Bobux family was seeing my parents' hard work evolve into such a success.

Has having parents that created a brand from nothing, given you an entrepreneurial spirit?


Having entrepreneurial parents that created a brand from nothing has always given me inspiration. I am constantly problem solving and thinking of new wacky ideas whether it be in my work life or in my own personal time.


Chris Colleen Bennett Sam

Tell us what you do for a living?


I sea trial boats for Rayglass boats in Auckland.

What is your favourite Bobux style – past or present?


My favourite style would have to be the original Bobux bear Soft Sole. I’m so stoked to hear it’s making a comeback for the 30 year anniversary this year!


Sam Bennett Bobux Soft Sole Bear