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Kidding Around Australia Delivers a Verdict on the Best School Shoes for Kids [Guest Post]



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Kidding Around Australia Delivers a Verdict on the Best School Shoes for Kids [Guest Post]

With the new school year just around the corner, you're probably already thinking about what school shoes to buy your kids this season. The best school shoes should be comfortable in all day long, will support your kids’ foot development, and aren't going to fall apart after one term’s hard play.

Georgina Dymock from Kidding Around Australia trialled our Kid+ school shoes for her two adventurous kids, Alegría and Isaac. Read on to find out how they fared!

If there is one thing that Alegría and Isaac wear that I won’t compromise on it is shoes. In a world where low-cost options, recycling and reusing are all the rage, I have drawn the line at hand-me-down or poorly made and designed shoes.

The way I see it, if Alegría and Isaac are to live as long as their Great-Grandma then their feet will be carrying them around this world for 103 years, so taking care of them every day is really important.

Alegría spends more hours per week in her school shoes than she does in any other shoes, so we couldn’t go past the Bobux Kid+ range when making our school year selection.

black school shoes from Bobux

The Kid+ range is designed to be flexible, lightweight and able to cope with all the crazy running, kicking and jumping kids put them through - which is perfect for a little girl that never passes up an opportunity for an adventure!

I know that when I wear a new pair of shoes there is always a risk of getting blisters or sore feet so I was interested to hear Alegría’s feedback after her first day. I asked her if her feet hurt at all, if the shoes rubbed anywhere, and if she had any red marks. She said, “No Mumma! My feet feel good – they don’t hurt. It feels like I have been wearing these shoes for a long time. They are comfy”.

Alegria in Bobux school shoes

This glowing recommendation gave us the confidence to get a pair of Bobux shoes for Isaac. The beauty of the black Kid+ shoe range is that they don’t have to be worn just as school shoes. Isaac has worn his versatile boots when he was a page boy for my sister’s wedding as well as when travelling and running wild at kindergarten.

Isaac Dymock in Bobux shoes

If you have never ordered a pair of Bobux shoes, then it couldn’t be easier! You simply choose a shoe from the right developmental range (as opposed to shoe size as some kids are confident walkers and some are still finding their feet depending on their development), then measure your child’s foot in millimetres (or you can use the expert fitting tool on the website) and place your order.

You will be updated via email when your order has been posted and when to expect it. We found the entire process easy and stress-free.

For two kids who never sit still, the Bobux Kid+ range is perfect. I only wish they made them in my size!

Shop Bobux’s range of Kid+ shoes for your adventurous little wanderer today!