Our Expertise
childsafe + non-toxic
tested to reach standards
podiatrist endorsed
designed in new zealand

Development Stages

Think about the physical development that takes place between birth and six years of age. Needless to say, there’s a lot that goes on. At Bobux we must design shoes for children at very different stages of their lives, meeting their usage needs across a wide range of activity, while also supporting the healthy, natural development of their feet.

We do this by breaking our range into 4 distinct ‘stages’.

Soft Sole

Newborn + Prewalkers
Not walking or crawling yet. Sitting and some crawling taking place.
Sizes NB-5XL

Step up

First walker
Cruising, assisted walking, and walking - crawling on occasion.
Sizes 18 - 22


Walking, running, jumping and generally being a chaotic ball of energy.
Sizes 22 - 26


Preschooler + kids
Running, jumping, kicking, climbing. Full range of activity.
Sizes 27 - 33

Quick bit of technical info: most shoes are built on foot shaped ‘lasts’. Once made out of hand carved wood, nowadays a plastic polymer is used to create a 3D foot shape around which your shoes are designed. Put simply, lasts form the fit of your shoe.

Unfortunately, and this is really bad considering the actual shape of kids feet, most shoe companies will simply scale down adult lasts to children’s sizes.

Not us.

We have designed our own lasts based on the actual foot shape of children across the different stages of development. Not an easy thing to do, not a cheap thing to do, but the right thing to do.