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Baby Walking Shoes: Science Meets Style

Baby Walking Shoes: Support Meets Style

When it comes to your child's shoes, you don't have to compromise on style to get the support their developing feet need. As babies get ready to go from crawling to walking, the shoes they wear must be able to support them in a variety of ways. Flexibility is the key to freedom of movement and strong, yet sturdy materials, are needed to allow them to maintain their balance and prevent them from slipping or losing their balance.

Support and Style

The support your child needs in terms of shoes will depend on their stage of growth. As they transition from crawling to walking, the size of their shoe will not be the only thing that changes. Their shoes will now have to support the arch and bear the weight of their body. Fifty years ago, this was accomplished with rigid leather high tops that were extremely uncomfortable. The Xplorer series by Bobux eliminates the bulky, stiff shoes of the past and gives you stylish options that will not only support your child's feet but allow them to look their very best.

Materials That Encourage Flexibility

Flexible uppers made from soft leather allow your child to flex their foot in whatever way they need to in order to support their body and move comfortably. The leather used to make the upper portion of the Bobux Xplorer and Step Up lines give the shoes a comfortable, yet trendy look. Only the highest quality materials are used in Bobux baby and toddler shoes. The canvas, rubber, suede and various types of leather are easy to clean and will ensure your child looks their very best whether they are playing outside or dressing up for a special event.



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First Steps to Remember

Quality construction and accurate sizing ensures your child will always look their best. Their first steps are ones you will want to remember forever. And while those first tentative steps may be shaky, as their feet continue to develop, their steps will become more confident. In no time at all, they will be running and chasing one another. Bobux shoes let your child play in shoes that fit their personality as well as their feet. There are many different styles of shoes to choose from and with boots and shoes designed for all levels of activity, Bobux can provide your little one with the best looking shoes in the neighborhood.
If you are looking for shoes that will provide your child's feet with the support they need and look great while doing it, the Xplorer and Step Up lines are exactly what you are looking for. Keep your child moving forward by putting them in the most comfortable and supportive shoes on the market. With Bobux, you get style and support. It's the best of both worlds and your child deserves that!