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How To Teach Kids to Walk Safely in Public

How to Teach Kids to Walk Safely in Public

Busy streets and crossings can significantly threaten children’s safety as they move around in their community. Even with adult supervision, there is always the risk of something happening, so teaching pedestrian safety to toddlers and kids is essential. Children will be able to learn and retain information about road safety from a young age, so it is essential to provide them with the foundations they need to keep themselves and others safe on the street.

At Bobux, we know how important it is to introduce pedestrian safety for kids, so here are some helpful tips to get you started.



Set Rules for Pedestrian Safety for Toddlers & Kids

The best way to prepare your toddlers for learning pedestrian safety is by setting clear rules and guidelines before you even leave the house. This could include practices like:


  • Everyone stops at all roadsides before crossing
  • Looking both ways before crossing the road
  • Always walk facing traffic if there is no clear pathway Walk as far to the left as possible
  • Always stop at red traffic lights and pedestrian signals
  • Always hold hands with an adult when crossing the road

There are many ways you can prepare children for being out in the world, and these simple rules can keep children of all ages safe as they navigate streets and roads in their communities.



Teach Basic Pedestrian Safety to Kids from an Early Age

From having conversations about different street signs to pointing out traffic signals, every aspect of pedestrian safety should be taught to children from a young age. This will enable your little ones to apply what they learn in various settings, whether driving through town or walking down the street.

Remember, it will take some time for toddlers and younger kids to recall the meanings of different signs and signals, so make these experiences fun and repeat them as often as possible.

Lead By Example

Children are always watching the adults in their lives for cues on how to behave and interact with the world around them — as such, leading by example is one of the most significant things you can do when teaching kids about pedestrian safety. You should always be mindful of actively and consistently following any rules your family has set for walking down the street and show your children that pedestrian safety is of the utmost importance.

Put Away Distractions like Phones and Other Technology

Getting young children to pay attention to pedestrian safety can be challenging enough without introducing further distractions like phones and games. Make a point of storing any technology (including mum and dad’s) securely in a backpack or bag before venturing out on your walk. This will show kids that even the adults in their lives practice road safety by eschewing diversions like an iPad or headphones. It is essential to teach children to use all their senses while learning pedestrian safety so that they can predict and react to any potential threats or incidents.



Invest in Quality Footwear

No matter how well your little one learns their road rules, if their footwear is ill-fitting or poorly made, they are at risk of having an accident while crossing the road or walking down the street. Well-made shoes that fit correctly will allow children to feel safe and confident as they walk and learn about pedestrian safety. It will also help parents and guardians with much-needed peace of mind as your children’s feet are supported and protected from potential risks in their immediate environment, such as hot pavement, trip hazards, or sharp objects.

Walk Near Low-Traffic Roads for Pedestrian Safety for Toddlers

If you are starting to teach pedestrian safety for kids, then avoid the busier, more intimidating roads near you. This means searching for low-speed roads that pose less of a threat. Not only are these safer routes, but they allow your toddlers the opportunity to build their pedestrian safety skills at their own pace without feeling overwhelmed or frightened by their surroundings.

Support Pedestrian Safety for Toddlers & Kids with Shoes from Bobux

At Bobux, we support toddlers and children as they learn pedestrian safety by providing a range of quality toddler shoes and children shoes that protect and support kids’ feet as they grow and develop.


To learn more about how finding the perfect pair of shoes can help your little one, take a look at our overview of key developmental stages, along with our buying and sizing guides that will support you as you find the ideal fit for your child’s feet.


Contact our Bobux team today to learn more or by submitting an online enquiry, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.