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How to Prevent Summer Brain Drain



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How to Prevent Summer Brain Drain
When school lets out for the summer, most kids focus more on playing than they do on remembering the lessons they learned in school. With toddlers and preschoolers, it's important to reinforce the lessons they learned throughout the year so they can continue to sustain their learning momentum in the fall. Read below for a few summer learning ideas to help keep them on the right track!

Make Learning Fun

Go to the park or take your kids to the local lake. Do things outside that keep their minds and bodies working. Allow them to explore their world and talk to them about the things they see. Let them share their world with you so that you can gauge what they are learning and how you can increase their opportunities. Learning doesn't have to be boring. If you provide them with the right tools, their creativity and imagination will often take off on their own.

Visit the Library

Reading is a fundamental part of learning. Even with computers and tablets at every turn, being able to read is the key to unlocking every lesson. Visit the library and encourage them to read an actual book instead of reading something off of their tablet. Teach them the responsibility of checking out a book and returning it by the deadline. Both of these lessons lay the foundation for effective learning from their preschool years all the way through college.

Create Outside the Box

Allow your children's imagination to blossom. Let them draw pictures on the sidewalk with sidewalk chalk. Allow them to paint objects and use them for decoration in your yard. Teach them how to blend colors and textures to create new designs. Allow them to explore their own creative avenues. Teach them simple techniques and then watch as they begin to add their own style and character. Help them to explore new crafts or ideas for projects. Give them an opportunity to repurpose items that you would normally recycle or throw away.

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Sensory Activities

The senses can offer some of the most unique learning experiences. Allow your child the opportunity to listen to music, both educational songs and music from different genres. Teach them to dance and ask them about the instruments they hear. Give them an opportunity to feel different textures and then show them where each one comes from and how it is used. Offer natural and man-made materials so your child can learn how each one is used.

Your child's summer doesn't have to be boring. There are many activities you can include them in that are both fun and educational. Talk to your child and find out what they like. Ask them what they miss about school and then incorporate those ideas into your daily routine. It won't take long for your child to realize just how fun summer learning can be!