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5 Green Gift Wrapping Ideas


You can buy leftover rolls of newsprint from your local newspaper or print office. Give the kids some crayons and markers and have them draw designs, shapes, and holiday sayings on the paper. After the holidays, the paper can be recycled just like regular newspapers.

2. Cloth or Fabric

Cloth or fabric is a great wrapping medium that can be used over and over again each year. You can use either plain or a fun print to create a festive looking gift display under the tree. Sprigs of pine or a small ornament on top complete the look and can replace typical bows!


3. Newspaper or Comics

Children and adults alike love to peruse the comics or “funny papers”. Use the comic section for the kids' gifts and wrap the adult gifts in regular newsprint. Both will make for interesting reading after all of the presents have been opened.

4. Reusable Boxes or Bags

Reusable gift bags and boxes are a great eco-friendly way to wrap and share holiday gifts. They work well for almost any type of gift, including food items and oddly shaped gifts that are extremely hard to wrap.

5. Brown Paper Bags

Brown paper bags come in a variety of sizes and can be given to the kids to decorate. Markers and crayons can be used to write names or draw pictures on the bags making each one unique. After the holidays, you can recycle the bags or save them to use again next year.



These are just a few ways to prevent the growing mound of paper that seems to accumulate with each holiday. Give the earth the gift of Christmas by reducing your impact on the environment. Use eco-friendly wrapping whenever you can and let the kids join in! Their drawings and designs will not only get them excited to see the recipient open the gift, but also make for a cute personal surprise for those who receive them!