The most comfy shoe for cruising

The new first steps shoe that lets kids play, explore, cruise and learn to walk in total comfort.

This style is only going to be around for a short time. Limited, numbered pairs are available so get in quick!

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Knitted into the inner of the Xplorer Aktiv Knit’s fabric blend is the wonder-wool, Merino. An active fibre, Merino wool naturally regulates temperature, draws away moisture and resists odour to keep growing feet healthy and comfortable.


The easy pull-on-and-go fit of the Xplorer Aktiv Knit is thanks to the lycra fibres that give the midsection its sock-like stretch. Removing the need for a strap fastening, the shoe can be pulled on without fuss and the knit conforms comfortably to the natural shape of bub’s feet.


Further adding to the action-proof credentials of the Aktiv Knit Xplorer, a polyester outer is woven into the shoe’s midsection for extra durability. This ultra-tough fibre is up to any task little ones put their shoes through, without ever compromising on comfort.

Action Leather

The ultimate scuff-resistant leather. The sleek, smooth and premium finish of the Xplorer Aktiv Knit’s action leather toe and heel counter was designed to handle all the high-impact action of crawlers, kickers and cruisers.

Features & Benefits

The Xplorer Aktiv Knit is specifically designed for the Cruising stage.
Cruising /kru.zIŋ/
verb: A young child learning to walk while assisted.
Sometimes reverts back to crawling.

Stretchy Knitted Midsection

  • Fits just like a sock: pull on and go!
  • Merino blend to keep little feet cosy.

Super Soft Action Leather

  • Ultra durable for high-action adventures.
  • Comfy and breathable leather.

Shaped Just Like Their Feet

  • Their developing feet are pudgy, round and soft - so is the Xplorer Aktiv Knit!

Light, High-Flex Sole

  • Moves the way their feet do.

We want your feedback!

Your feedback is super important to us! When it comes to new product development, our shoes go through some rigorous wear-testing before hitting the market, but the research doesn’t stop there!

When you purchase the Xplorer Aktiv Knit you’ll have the opportunity to complete a quick survey to tell us what you think about our new first-steps shoe and upon completion, receive 30% off your next purchase at Bobux.com

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