We can’t stop kids from running through dewy grass or jumping in puddles - so we’ve introduced the Waterproof Collection to make it a lot more fun.
Tried and tested, these styles keep feet completely dry around water for up to four hours!
With styles to suit every child from first walkers to big kids, the retro-styled Waterproof Collection was made for splashing!


Waterproof Layers


The Waterproof Collection pairs a hidden waterproof barrier with Action leather to keep growing feet dry and healthy in dew, rain and puddles.


Both the Paddington and Grass Court Waterproof feature an internal, waterproof membrane that keeps water out of the shoe and away from feet. Even when submerged in water for up to and over four hours, water simply can’t get in.

How deep can you go?

Waterproof styles have a great big hole where water can get in. But without this hole, feet also can’t get in and then we’d have a Collection of extremely waterproof (albeit useless) shoes.

Grass Court Waterproof

As a rule of thumb, the Grass Court Waterproof can be submerged in water up to the top of the Bobux Comet on the heel. So it’s the perfect shoe for playing on wet surfaces, running through dewy grass and trodding through small puddles.


The Paddington’s waterproof barrier stretches right up to the bottom of the boot’s elastic gusset. Just like a gumboot (only healthier!), the Paddington was designed for big puddles and rainy weather.


Waterproof styles were made to handle the elements. Action leather is expertly developed to be ultra-durable and scuff resistant, and a special top coating adds an extra layer of water-resistance. Puddles of the muddy variety are no match for Action leather either, as the dirt-repellent coating wipes clean.