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Casual Shoes

As soon as kids can walk confidently they want to run and jump. This kind of activity requires a different approach in shoe design and I-Walks are specifically designed for this stage.


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Casual shoes are a staple in anyone’s wardrobe- young or old! They’re essential for everyday activities and add a touch of interest to any casual outfit. Bobux girls and boys casual shoes are made with a flyformtm eva sole, canvas, and a nappa leather outer so they’re designed to look after your girls’ foot health. We’re all about combining form and function to create the perfect pair of shoes. The shoe is also super flexible and durable making it easy for girls to crawl, walk and run in safety. To top it off - the shoe features a micro-armour toe cap which means no more annoying scuffing! We know how hard it can be to get little boys to keep their shoes on, so the elastic and Velcro opening on our casual shoes means these bad boys are easy to get on and stay secure. These shoes add a fun colour pop to any outfit so browse our range of casual shoes here to find a pair fit for your little one.