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Your baby boy is at the stage where he’s walking, cruising, tumbling and generally trying to walk. This is certainly an important stage in his life so he should have a shoe designed with all his needs in mind.


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The Step Up shoes are suited to boys and girls as young as 7 months right up to 2 years and over depending on their developmental progress. The Step Up boots for baby boys are crafted from premium leather and are designed to be the perfect shoe to step into at this stage of development. They’re the ideal shoes for a frosty winter day as they will protect your boy’s feet from the rain and cold. These versatile favourites can be dressed up or down easily. Whatever style you choose you can be rest assured they will look after your baby boy’s foot health while adding a pop of colour and style to any outfit. Browse our full range of baby boy boot’s to find a style your little boy will love.