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Sports Shoes

Now that your baby girl is getting her footing she will be heading out to the playground, on play dates, and she might even take up a sport. Our baby running shoes for boys and girls are perfect for the budding sports star or a more casual trip to the park.


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Bobux sports shoes are crafted out of nappa leather, suede, and canvas to make a shoe that will support your active girl’s feet. The range features a wide range of shoe styles, from sandals to closed shoes with animals designs- there’s something for everyone. At this important stage of development, it’s crucial your girl is wearing correctly fitted shoes. Have a look at our fitting guide to see how you can ensure your boys sport shoes are fitting right. Browse our sports shoes for girls today to find a style that will make your girl stand out from the crowd. Or have a look at our full range of shoes for toddlers and pre-schoolers.