Solid 24 Carat Rose Gold Anti Shoe

This delightfully fake solid gold shoe is an exploration of form without function. When creating it the conversation went something like this: “Imagine if we didn’t have to think about a shoe ever being worn? Or what it costs!? We could make it out of solid gold!

Wait… Rose gold is cooler, go with that.” The (un)reality of a solid gold shoe does give us a chance to talk about an important feature of Bobux shoes - their lightness.

A kids shoe should be light. They undertake a huge range of activities like running, jumping and climbing and need a shoe that’s not going to hinder their freedom of motion. They need a shoe that is light so they can keep their focus on the many adventures at hand and not battle with unnecessary weight at the end of their legs.

Makes sense, doesn’t it? Unlike a shoe made from solid gold.