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Working out your child’s shoe size has long been a manual process (how many times have you had to stick your thumb in a shoe?) but now there’s a smarter way to do it.

From one photo taken on your smartphone, StrutFit cleverly calculates the size of your child’s foot down to the last millimetre and suggests the shoe size to match.

Getting the perfect fit is THE most important thing you can do when buying shoes for your child, so do it the smart way.

Check out the chart below to learn more about Bobux sizing

Little one can’t stay still for a photo? Or maybe you prefer the tried-and-true sizing method? Follow these steps to calculate your child’s shoe size the old fashioned - but no less accurate - way:

Step 1


Take some paper, a pen and a ruler

Step 2


Place the paper flat on the ground against a wall

Step 3


Stand your child with one foot on the paper and their heel against the wall

Step 4


Trace around their toes and repeat with the other foot

Step 5


Measure the length from the top of their toes to the end of the paper that was against the wall

Step 6


Make a note of the millimetre measurement of their longest foot and use our size conversion chart to find their Bobux shoe size.

Note: Our sizing chart accounts for growth room!

Step 7


If your child’s foot measurement puts them in the 18-22eu size range, consider their level of activity to select the best stage range for them.

Note: Our sizing chart accounts for growth room!

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