When the sun’s shining, nothing should hold kids back from play.

The Quickdry Collection celebrates the playfulness of summer with vibrant colourways, nostalgic styling and unique fast-drying leather, so kids can cool off on a hot day and get right back to playing.

Features + Benefits



Unique Fast Drying Leather

Water-friendly sandals so kids can get on with play after cooling off on a hot day.

Leather is renowned for its breathability, flexibility and durability. We use it to make our shoes because it’s these qualities that give kids’ feet the best start in life.

Leather is also naturally fibrous and absorbent which is great for a lot of reasons. But this can also be... not so great. When leather absorbs water, it can lose shape, stain and take a long time to dry.

We don’t expect kids to resist running through a fountain or getting into water fights on a warm day, so we developed Quickdry leather.

Through the use of special techniques during the tanning process, Quickdry leather resists water absorption and retention. Without soaking up all that water, The leather keeps its shape, dries quickly and even protects against salt water stains.