At this stage, kids are taking action to the next level. Running, jumping and skipping on a range of surfaces, kids push their bodies to the limit and need specially designed kids shoes to keep up with them. The Kid+ collection was designed to allow their feet to move naturally and connect with the ground, while protecting them from the impact of hard surfaces and delivering superior durability.



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Unique Shoes For Growing Kids


While they’re beginning to look like smaller versions of adult feet, kids’ feet are still going through some crucial development - even when they reach school-age. So cramming them into shoes that aren’t made for their uniquely shaped feet, or that will fall to pieces once they graze concrete simply won’t cut it. Kid+ shoes are made from lightweight, ultra-durable textiles, breathable, flexible leather and boast high-flex soles. Built around a custom last that reflects the shape of their growing feet, Bobux Kid+ shoes are the best quality kids shoes for thriving girls and boys


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Bobux kids leather shoes are held to an extremely high quality standard, they need to be durable, flexible to children’s movements, and easily adjustable for the perfect fit. Each one of our unique kids shoes is hand assembled from components that we craft individually. 


Our range of comfortable kids shoes for boys and girls cover styles for all seasons, trainers, boots, dress shoes, lace ups, sport shoes, summer sandals and come in sizes EU 27-EU 33, for kids up until around eight years of age.


We want you and your child to love their junior footwear, so we offer returns and exchanges so you can shop with peace of mind. 


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