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Growing girls love playing in the backyard or at the park. Whether they're running, playing tag, skipping rope, or climbing trees, they need shoes that can let them have fun. The Bobux KID+ casual shoe range for girls is designed to give your girl the freedom to play, dance and have fun.


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Young girls are all different; some love frilly and shiny shoes, while others like shoes that are all about attitude. Bobux's KID+ casual shoes include a range of options for every girl's taste. Bobux knows how important it is to you to ensure your kids feet are well looked after. That's why we make sure our shoes are made from the best materials around so they remain comfortable and flexible throughout their life. All so your girl has the freedom to dance, run, skip and climb. Bobux's casual shoes for girls come in a range of unique styles, vibrant colours, and awesome designs. Choose a chic shoe for your girl that will take her from park to party. Browse our full range of casual girl's shoes today.