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The Bobux KID+ range of street shoes are designed to be durable and flexible, all while making the perfect style statement to cap off any outfit. Our street shoes come in a huge range of designs and colours, so there is sure to be a pair perfect for your growing boy.


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If you're looking to add a little style to your son's outfit, you can go past the Bobux KID+ range of street shoes. These shoes come in a range of designs, colours and styles that add a dash of attitude to your kid's get-up. There is sure to be a pair that will be your kid's favourite! Growing boys love running about, climbing trees, skipping and jumping. All that adventure makes durable shoes crucial to your boy's outfit. Here at Bobux, we make sure our kids shoes will last on active, growing feet. Whatever your boy does, his shoes should be able to keep up with them. Bobux street shoes are durable, flexible and comfortable. They're also incredibly cool! Browse our huge range of KID+ boys street shoes today.