Which Parent Tribe Are You? [Guest Post]

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Which Parent Tribe Are You? [Guest Post]

Motherhood: The Real Deal blogger Talya Stone hypothesises on five kinds of parenting tribes. From those who are ruled by their kids to those who rule them with biscuits... You're sure to find your team - or at least have a few laughs of sympathy along the way!

We can't all be the parents who have it all under control (yeah right!), or the parents who are totally out of control (more likely!), as parents, it's more or less a given that you will fall into some kind of tribe.The question is ... which parent tribe are you? Are you..

The Bonkers Brigade

boy hanging off couch

Rule book? What rule book! We hear you scoff. Life is never a dull moment if you're a parent who's part of the bonkers brigade. Being a bonkers parent, bonkers things happening in your day-to-day life as a parent are just the norm. You've got enough bonkers parenting stories to dine off for at least three lifetimes. Life has never been more colourful!

The Pass the Biscuit Posse

girl looking at fresh cookies

If you find it difficult to control your child, fear not! Because you have the answer every single time ... biscuits! Epic Tesco tantrum - biscuit. Preschooler doesn't want to walk back from nursery - biscuit. Well, you know what they say ... life is a biscuit!

The Cool as a Cucumber Clan

father helping daughter with homework

You never, EVER lose your "you-know-what" in front of your kids. You seem to glide effortlessly through the chaos of being a parent and have never uttered the words "having a bad day", which simply is not a part of your vocab. You lucky things you!

The Guilty Clan

parent hugging baby

It eats away at you silently, the guilty parent syndrome. There's no escape! Off to work? Feel guilty. Date night? Feel guilty. Wondering whether there will ever be any end to this parental guilt? Feel guilty.

The Wimpy Crew

parents carrying boy in armchair

Who's in charge? You or the little cherubs ... scratch that ... tyrants ... you call your kids? Your kids are the boss of you (you have no idea how this even happened!?). Your mouth seems to be uttering a never-ending line of excuses for your sproglets ... ummmm ... it's time to take control!

So which parent tribe are you part of?

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