The ULTIMATE Waterproof Shoes for Kids

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The ULTIMATE Waterproof Shoes for Kids

The ULTIMATE Waterproof Shoes for Kids

At Bobux, we know that it is almost impossible to keep your kids dry on a rainy day. Just like moths are drawn to flames, a child MUST jump in ALL the muddy puddles! Our waterproof line of shoes is both stylish and effective at keeping your child's feet as dry and comfortable as possible, no matter how many puddles they find on the way to school!

Durable Action Leather

Bobux uses durable action leather to allow your little one's feet to be as flexible as possible while still protecting them from the elements. Your child can run and play, pivot or turn, all without feeling restricted or confined. The action leather material also allows them to stretch their toes and move their feet as naturally as possible. And while it's somewhat waterproof on its own, we combine leather with a waterproof barrier and added layers of material to create a super dry environment for your kiddo's growing feet.


Breathable Cotton Lining

The interior of the Grass Court and Paddington collections of waterproof shoes and boots are made from breathable cotton. Moisture is kept at bay with the action leather and waterproof barrier, keeping your child's foot cool and dry. The breathable cotton is also super soft and comfortable, so your little one can run and play to their hearts' content - without feeling cramped, confined or too hot!

Waterproof Technology

Bobux's waterproof membrane is designed to keep water out of the shoe/boot and your child's feet as dry as possible. Even when the material is subjected to moisture for long periods of time, the water is kept at bay and the interior of your child's shoes will remain dry and comfortable. Each of the shoes in the Waterproof Collection provides adequate protection up to the stitch line. For the Grass Court series, this is up to the stitch line at the opening. For the Paddington series, the line is just above the top of the heel.

First Walkers to Big Kids

The Grass Court and Paddington collection of waterproof shoes and boots come in several fun colors and a range of sizes. Whether your kiddo will fit into the First Walker's, Toddlers, Pre-Schoolers or Kids sizing, the Waterproof Collection has styles available for them. You won't need to worry about them getting their feet wet in the Waterproof Grass Court or Paddington collection of shoes or boots!

The Bobux Waterproof Collection was created to provide parents a stylish option of waterproof shoes and boots. The Grass Court and Paddington collection of shoes and boots are suitable for all children from First Walker's to Big Kid sizes. Check out the entire collection here!