Take Your Child from Summer Mode to School Mode

August 5, 2019 No comments
Take Your Child from Summer Mode to School Mode
Transitioning from summer fun to a school daze can be difficult for your kids. Even though they know their days in the sun are numbered, it may take them a while to get back into the routine of early mornings, class schedules and after school study time. Gradually making changes to their routine over the last couple weeks of summer will make the transition much easier and will allow you to minimize the complaints when the alarm goes off at the crack of dawn!

Re-Establish the School Sleep Routine

The most important part of the transition from summer to school is getting back into the habit of going to bed earlier so they can get up in time for school. This can be a challenge for older kids while younger kids may take to it rather easily. Try gradually move their bedtime up by 30 minutes every night. By the end of the week, most will be slowly starting to get back on track. Span it out over two weeks if it makes it easier.

Set Aside Time Each Day to Read or Study

Set aside a time in the afternoon where all electronics are put in a basket on the counter. Have each child choose a book they want to read or a learning activity they can do for 30 minutes to an hour. Vary the time each day and encourage them to choose different activities. This will keep them from being bored and will get your little ones in the habit of coming home and completing their homework as soon as they arrive.

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Take Them Shopping for Their Supplies

As soon as you get the supply list from your child's school, set aside a time to take them shopping. While it saves time to take all of the kids at once, try to make the time to take each one individually. It gives you quality time with each of your children and will allow you to talk to them about what they expect out of the coming year and build excitement. You may be surprised to find that your child is anxious or nervous about what the new year holds. Share their excitement if they are looking forward to returning to school. Either way, show your support by encouraging them to confide in you. Talk to them about how they feel and let them know you are ready to help them get back into the swing of things.

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Break Out the School Wardrobe

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Preparing your kids to return to school won't be so hard if you take things one step at a time. They know it's coming so gradually start guiding them in the right direction. A few minutes a day guiding them back into a more stable and structured school routine and you will have your kids back on track in no time.