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28 years ago the world's first Soft Sole was made

Over 25 years ago, the world’s first Soft Sole came to be. It was handmade from leather offcuts, stitched together in a New Zealand garage by Bobux founder, Chris Bennett.

Flying with a Baby: Tips to Help You Survive a Long Flight [Guest Post]

Learn what advice Chelsea from Moments A Day has to give about flying with a baby. Having done the trip between Australia and the US East Coast multiple times, she's got the routine downpat!.

The Worst Kids Shoe Advice We've Heard

Some of the kids shoe advice makes me want to face palm. It amazes me sometimes how some of these common kids shoe myths prevail, even as we learn increasingly more about children’s foot development.

What Are the Best Baby Accessories & Clothes for My Newborn?

When you have your first child, you realise pretty quickly that you want nothing but the best for them in every aspect of their lives. So we’ve collaborated with Nature Baby to bring you this list of baby essentials – the best baby accessories and clothes you need for your bub.

The Best Baby Shoes for Crawlers

It’s important to give bub the best start in life, and the best way to do that is with the right shoes. So, why do babies need shoes and what kinds of shoes are best for crawlers.

Does My Baby Even Need Shoes? A Case for and Against Going Barefoot

Some people swear by dressing their one-day-old in rigid high tops, while others insist on letting their kids run barefoot as long as possible. Who are you supposed to believe?! There’s a lot of ill-informed advice out there.

How to Measure Kids & Find the Right Fit When Shopping Online

Shopping online is just so much easier than finding the time (and energy) to get to a shopping centre. The key to successful online shopping is measuring your kids, figuring out the right clothing fit through size guides, and seeing how that matches up to their measurements.

How Fast Do Kids' Feet Grow?

It can be hard to imagine that in a matter of months your baby's tiny feet can double in size. As they get older their bones and muscles develop into a leaner, longer and wider foot, but it isn’t fully developed until their mid-teens.

How to Clean Kids' Shoes

Kids will never pass up the chance to jump in a puddle or play hide-and-go-seek in ridiculous nooks and crannies.All this running around results in some messy, stinky shoes that are in desperate need of a thorough clean.

Our Guide to Your Baby’s First Shoe Fitting

Trying to find the right shoes for your boy or girl can be as frustrating as trying to keep them on your kid's feet. Comfort is important, as shoes that are too small or too big, will result in your little hell-raiser kicking them off the first chance they get.