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Kidding Around Australia Delivers a Verdict on the Best School Shoes for Kids [Guest Post]

Georgina Dymock from Kidding Around Australia trialled our Kid+ school shoes for her two adventurous kids, Alegría and Isaac. Read on to find out how they fared! .

5 Of Our Favourite Parenting Tricks

As rewarding as it is, parenting can be hard! You don't want to be too strict, or too lax, and most of all you want to give them the best start in life.

How to Measure Kids & Find the Right Fit When Shopping Online

Shopping online is just so much easier than finding the time (and energy) to get to a shopping centre. The key to successful online shopping is measuring your kids, figuring out the right clothing fit through size guides, and seeing how that matches up to their measurements.

How Fast Do Kids' Feet Grow?

It can be hard to imagine that in a matter of months your baby's tiny feet can double in size. As they get older their bones and muscles develop into a leaner, longer and wider foot, but it isn’t fully developed until their mid-teens.

6 Wicked Kids' Shoe Ideas for Weddings

A wedding is the perfect event to show off your kid’s style and get some awesome photos of them looking their best.Finding the right shoes for a wedding or any formal occasion can be a hassle, so we've made it easier by coming up with the goods for you!.

Introducing Bobux’s New KID+ Range for BIG Kids!

So, you’ve been a loyal Bobux customer (or you have just discovered the Bobux range) but your kid’s feet have grown too big to squeeze them into a pair of our award-winning, podiatrist-approved shoes.