Summer Road Trips: A Guide To Travelling With Kids

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Summer Road Trips: A Guide To Travelling With Kids

Things are heating up around here, which means you’ll soon find yourself packing the car for your first family roadie of the Summer! Get excited for glorious weather, beautiful coastal roads, family sing-alongs, stunning destinations, lifelong memories - and, naturally, the odd tantrum. Everyone should be able to enjoy a Summer’s drive - even those littler passengers who have a hard time settling in for the journey - so we’ve put together this handy guide to making Summer road trips fun for the whole family.


Make a list and check it twice. Composing a checklist with all the essentials will keep your preparation on track and give you a bit of piece of mind.

Here are a few handy things to check off that you may not have thought of:

- Rubbish bags: Make use of plastic supermarket bags for wet clothes, rubbish, or as emergency car-sickness devices.
- Insulated water bottles: Summer roadies call for plenty of fluids - preferably chilled.
- First aid kit: There’s a hundred reasons you should keep one of these in your car at all times. Bonus points if it includes some bee-sting spray.
- Car checks: Your vehicle is a kind of important component of a Summer roadie, best it be in ship-shape!

two children look out window of car


Kids and adults alike need some treats to get through a road trip, but it’s all too easy to fall into the fast-food and lollies trap. When travelling this Summer, opt instead for some pre-packed goodies and avoid sugar at all costs - sugar-buzzing kids and enclosed vehicles don’t go so well together. Take a cooler bag, fill it with nutritious easy-to-eat food such as fruit, trail mix and pre-made sandwiches, and find a picnic spot to have your lunch with a side of fresh air.


If you can keep kids’ imaginations engaged your Summer roadie can be a whole lot of fun. Get involved in games like I-Spy, Yellow Car, or make up your own game. Depending on the age of your kids, riddles can be a great way of getting them thinking. This site has some great riddles for kids!

boy reads in car


Whether they’re e-books, story books, colouring books, Where’s Wally books or pop-up books, you can’t go wrong with a good paperback to keep your little one busy.


Road trips are as much about the journey as they are the destination, don’t let your determination to get from A to B stop you from enjoying the sights and sounds of Summer. Do a bit of research before your trip and find beautiful stops where you could pull over and let the kids explore. If you see waterfalls, beaches, parks and playgrounds, take the time to stop and enjoy them. The break will do you some good and if kids are encouraged to play and explore, you might be so lucky to see them tuckered out for the remainder of the journey.

family walks along sand dune

Of course, playing and exploring requires shoes that are up to the task. Shop the Bobux Play range here.

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