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Why Soft Sole Baby Shoes Are a Must for Your Little One



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Why Soft Sole Baby Shoes Are a Must for Your Little One
Your baby's feet are chubby little things that often look more like they belong on a teddy bear than a child. Part of the reason for this is that they are still developing, all the way up until they are 7 years old! The extra fat and fluff that surround the delicate bones in your baby's foot are there to protect them from injuries. While we fully agree that being barefoot for the first few months of life is best, Bobux Soft Sole Shoes can add a layer of protection without restricting their movement or damaging your little one's delicate foot structure.

The Drawbacks of a Rigid Shoe for Infants and Toddlers

Babies are meant to be barefoot. The main purpose of a shoe is to prevent feet from being injuries and from exposure to the elements. But since infant's feet rarely touch the ground or have any direct weight placed on them, the need for a rigid sole doesn't serve a purpose. In fact, when a rigid soled shoe is placed on an infant's foot, it can actually cause developmental abnormalities that can impact the child for the rest of their life, sometimes even leading their feet to develop into that shape of the rigid shoe, disrupting how the foot would naturally form.

Why Are Soft Sole Baby Shoes Best?

A soft sole baby shoe is the perfect solution for children who are becoming more active and on the move. The softness of the sole allows the child's foot to move freely and without restriction so they can flex their feet as needed, allowing them to function as nature intended, as if they are barefoot. A soft sole shoe will prevent the baby's foot from being confined and the freedom of movement will allow the foot to develop properly.

Baby foot development infographic Bobux

Take Care of Your Baby's Feet!

Taking care of your baby's feet means so much more than making sure they are clean and covered. Allowing your children to take their first steps without being restricted by shoes gives their feet a chance to develop naturally. Letting your children be barefoot for as long as possible will ensure their feet can stretch, wiggle and gain the strength they will need to actually bear their weight when the time comes for those first steps.

When you do pick out your little one's first pair of shoes, make sure the pair you select has a soft, flexible sole to give your child's foot the freedom it needs to grow and develop the way nature intended it to. At Bobux, our team of professional designers understands this need for movement and takes great care in creating shoes that allow your children's feet the chance to grow naturally.

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