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Why Does My Baby Need Soft-Soled Shoes?


Did you know the human foot contains 26 bones, and over 100 ligaments, tendons and muscles? It’s clear why we need to look after our feet - especially when it comes to choosing the shoes we wear.


A baby’s foot is soft, chubby, super flexible and delicate at the pre-walking stage in their life. Which is why pre-walkers sometimes require a pair of shoes to protect their tiny feet against the environment.


Although bare foot is best at this age, our soft soles are the next best thing for your baby’s feet. Because we’re so passionate about our Soft Sole shoes we thought we would give you the lowdown on them.


What Are Soft Soled Shoes?


Bobux Soft Soles are designed specifically for your newborn or pre-walker baby. They allow feet to move naturally - flex, move and grip. No restriction of movement involved here, soft soled shoes are all about supporting healthy foot development!


Our soft sole shoes boys and girls are made from soft, natural materials like leather and suede. This helps keep feet warm and protected.


Who Are Soft Shoes for?


Soft shoes are best suited to babies who are sitting and crawling. Bobux baby shoes work as a layer of protection and warmth. They’re designed to encourage natural foot movement.


Your toddler’s foot is pudgy, supple, and largely unrefined. In this early stage of foot development babies need lightweight and flexible shoes.


Bobux soft soled shoes provide a layer of comfort and protection while ensuring babies continue to develop their grip and strengthen muscles and ligaments.


The Benefits of Soft Soled Shoes for Babies


Soft sole shoes have many benefits but first it’s important to know where it all started.


The original Soft Sole was designed by Bobux back in 1991 and was originally sold at Victoria Park Market in Auckland, NZ. At the time there were no other soft-soled shoes on the market, and most baby shoe companies were only selling hard soled shoes!


Parents loved the unrestrictive nature of our soft-soled shoes, and kids loved them too. And so it was that the soft sole shoe was accept as the best alternative to bare feet for babies.


Bobux’s Soft Sole shoes are built on simplicity. The soft sole baby shoe supports the foot health of pre-walkers and is easy to wear. It slips on, and stays on easily while letting the foot move freely.


The elastic opening makes it easy to pull shoes on and keep them on (trust us we have proof)! We only use premium soft leather for breathability and suede soles for the perfect non-slip surface.



Pre-walkers need a flexible shoe that supports natural foot development. This is why we crafted our soft soled toddler shoes out of suede and leather. These premium materials allow for complete foot flexibility.



Although bare foot is best for babies they still need a crucial layer of protection for their feet. Suede and leather provide a protective layer for your baby’s feet without restricting natural movement.


No need to worry about your baby being uncomfortable on cold floors. Soft-soled shoes are there to protect their tiny feet!



Suede and leather are super soft materials that allow your baby’s feet to breathe comfortably, helping avoid sweat build-up and skin irritation.


Choosing The Right Shoe

Not all soft-sole shoes for babies are created equal. When choosing soft sole baby shoes, it’s essential to go for a shoe with a non-slip sole. It’s also a good idea to look out for breathable materials like suede or leather.


It's important to pick a shoe which supports natural foot health and development.


To learn more about Bobux's soft sole shoes for babies explore our buyers guide today. Or browse our full range of the best soft sole shoes for babies to find the perfect pair for your bub.