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Is It Time To Buy My Baby's First Shoes?

They may be itty bitty feet, but deciding when to buy your baby their first pair of shoes is undoubtedly a big step - so what time's the right time? A lot goes on when baby’s growing up. For starters, those chubby heels and square toes have no bones in them - Zilch. Nada. They’re completely made up of cartilage and eventually, that cartilage will form the strong bones that’ll carry your child around for the rest of their life. With such a workload on the horizon, your baby’s feet need freedom and support early on so when they’re all grown up, they’ve got a set of healthy, strong stompers ready to take on the world.


Despite our passion for making the best shoes in the world for growing feet, we at Bobux are advocates for bare-footedness. Going barefoot isn’t always practical, however, so once baby starts using their feet to crawl it might be time to get them their first pair of soft soled shoes. Soft soles act as a second layer on those tiny little feet, protecting them from the environment while allowing for unrestricted movement. Feet are free to move the way they’re meant to, so kids are given the best possible start to their long-term foot development.

toddler wearing bobux soft soles reaches

Bobux has an extensive and fashion-forward range of Soft Soles, all made from premium, breathable soft leather. An elastic collar ensures a secure fit, while the designs are colourful and creative to spark baby’s imagination. Barefoot is best, but when they need protection, crawlers need their first shoes to be the best, too.

Their First Pair Of Real Shoes

Once your child takes those memorable first steps, they’ll soon be curiously exploring the outdoors and cruising to their little heart’s desire. Whether they take those first ambitious steps at seven months, or if they dabble in crawling until they’re two, it’s important to remember: stage not age. So no matter how old, once they’re confidently toddling, that’s when it’s time to get bub into their first pair of real shoes.

toddler wearing bobux step ups walks along plank

Picking out their first pair of shoes shouldn’t be a matter of what looks the best (although Bobux’s Step Up range is a treat to the feet and eyes), the decision should be based on what’s best for bub’s foot health. It’s important to make sure your child is fitted correctly either by a podiatrist, an in store expert-fitter, or using an accurate sizing guide. Avoid rigid, heavy shoes as these can impede your child’s foot development. Instead, look for lightweight, flexible shoes such as Bobux Xplorers which - while being durable enough to withstand the activities their wearer might put them through - allow for better ground connection, spatial awareness and balance. Kids learn a lot through their feet as they develop, so keeping them connected to the surface they’re learning to walk on is crucial.

Perhaps the most important thing to remember: Your baby’s first pair of shoes won’t be their last. Kids’ feet grow fast, so measuring their feet as frequently as every two weeks is critical to making sure their toes aren’t cramped, and they’ve still got room to flex and grip freely.

Is it time to get your baby into their first pair of shoes? Bobux has a range of podiatrist-endorsed kicks to make every step count towards baby’s foot development. Shop the entire Bobux range today!