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What Parenting Trends Will You Embrace in 2016?

Parenting. It’s not exactly a new phenomenon. Yet every year, the practice of parenting is revisited, our every moves scrutinised, then rejected or embraced in the near year.

You’d think the well-worn path of parenting would be ingrained in our psyche by now. But this parenting concept is as fluid as ever. And in this increasingly tech-savvy age, we’re seeing some intriguing, surprising and down-right bizarre trends coming to the fore in 2016 (Coding for Kids, anyone?).

So what are the most popular trends predicted for this year MMXVI? Here are some of our personal (and slightly more sensible!) favourites:

Keeping it real

Parents in 2016 are all about scaling back the hectic life we’ve often come to associate with parenting. We’re over the burnout folks, and we’re embracing the simple life!

Instead of dragging moody kids out the door for those piano lessons they just never took to, we’re throwing those endless after-school activities out. Less toddy tantrums, less stress. Who’s complaining?

We’re going minimalist, enjoying the small pleasures, the joys of just spending time with our kids.

Outsourcing for help


We weren’t born super mum and dads. Parenting is a hard slog, and not always a pleasant one! That’s why we’re getting more realistic of our capabilities in 2016.

And if that means we find ourselves too overwhelmed to devote 100% of our time (or even 50% of it!) on the upcoming birthday party, we won’t hesitate to call in for back up … for our very own sidekicks.

We recognise that getting a caregiver, babysitter, cleaner, or nanny on board is certainly going to ease up our schedules and reduce those stress levels.

Calm parent = a calmer household.

Realising bumps don’t hurt


“Helicopter parenting” has been a buzz word for a long time, but we may be starting to see its demise. Parents today want their kids to have some room to move (which incidentally give us some precious space to breathe).

“Never do for a child what he is capable of doing for himself” – Elizabeth Hainstock

The quote above is gaining a foothold in 2016 with more parents willing to step away and let their kids manage their own lives that bit more.

calls this new trend “Free-Range Parenting”, a concept we’re certainly happy to embrace!

Increasing gender neutrality


Image courtesy of: Mobile Mandala

Why shouldn’t boys play with dolls and girls enjoy a baby blue room? That’s what parents in 2016 are thinking. We’re breaking out of the mould this year by letting kids decide their own tastes and interests.

Neutral palettes have become all the rage in nurseries around the world. But now we’re stepping it up a notch, throwing toys, clothes and activities open for all as well.

Embracing all things non-toxic

bobux-xplorer-greenAdults have been the target of the eco-friendly movement for years, so it’s a surprise it took us this long for kids products to join the bandwagon.

But we’re super glad it’s catching on. After all, our own founder of Bobux International Chris Bennett has encouraged us to be responsible for our planet.

“May we each do our best to tread lightly on the earth.” – Chris Bennett, owner and founder of Bobux International

Parents are more inclined towards baby products without the harmful chemicals – a bonus for earth as well as their kids! Just as well Bobux’s kids shoe range is child-safe, non-toxic and tested to Europe’s REACH standards.

Demanding the educated nanny


Being a nanny has evolved from the casual career of the intrepid backpacker to a serious commitment that can often demand a slew of special pedigrees.

Today, many parents are searching for nannies with qualifications in CPR or First Aid, or even with a university degree or background in child psychology.

So what is your favourite parenting trend of 2016? Have we left one out that you predict will truly take off? Let us know in the comments section below. And don’t forget to browse through our eco-friendly kids shoes today!