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What Are the Best Shoes for First Walkers?



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What Are the Best Shoes for First Walkers?

The mention of shoe shopping can be music to the ears of many adults. But it can be a different story when it comes to buying shoes for first walkers. 


It can be hard enough to keep the shoes on their feet, without your child kicking them off all the time. But once the shoes are on, it can be tricky to figure out if they’re actually the right fit. After all, a toddler won’t tell you how they fit – they have more important things to do!


Here at Bobux we believe keeping your kids barefoot is the best thing you can do. Your child learns to walk normally as a progression from crawling to cruising then to walking. Their toes flex and grip the ground and at the same time they develop proprioception- which is an awareness of themselves relative to objects around them.


It’s a busy time for your bub in terms of both physical, and mental development! When walking inside it's not necessary for them to wear shoes, however once they venture outside their feet may need protecting- especially when they come into contact with hot, cold or abrasive surfaces.


For this reason, we’ve put together our top tips to help you find the best baby shoes for first walkers


Go for Lightweight and Flexible


Toddler shoes should be flexible and lightweight so they support your child’s natural foot movement. But what’s flexible?


Test by gently bending the soles of the shoes. They should be flexible but still have some grip on the sole. They shouldn’t be smooth and stiff as this can cause your kid to trip and slip.


The Step Up range are the best shoes for learning to walk. Our leather walker shoes come in sizes EU 18-EU 22, to keep those little baby feet happy and healthy right up until they start to learn to walk. Shop online today for the best shoes for first walkers


Material Matters


Kids feet sweat at more than twice the rate of adults, so it's super important the shoes are breathable! Natural materials like leather and cotton are breathable, and soft which should avoid any discomfort for your little one.


To avoid any slips, look for a rubber composite sole, which will provide the best traction. A thicker sole is better for a more experienced walker (as it's more durable) but can cause new walkers to trip. A thinner, flexible sole lets the foot move naturally.


When it comes to kid’s shoes, we think Velcro is your best friend, until kiddies are old enough to use laces! It's simple for kids to use when they start putting shoes on themselves, and provides that extra little bit of adjust-ability in the upper for narrower or wider feet.


Find a Good Fit


Look for brands that are specifically made for toddlers as they're designed to be the best fit for your child’s foot. High quality brands often have a ‘first walkers’ shoe line which ensures the fit is designed specially for your child's foot at that age.


If you’ve managed to wrangle your toddler into a shoe, check the fit by placing your finger at the end of their toes- there should be a finger width of room in the end of the shoe to allow them to grow. Another thing to check is that the shoe isn’t rubbing against your child’s ankle. We all know play is no fun with blisters on your feet. Their heel should be secure and not slipping out of the shoe when they walk.


Getting the fit of the shoe perfect is important, no matter what stage of life you are in.


Here at Bobux we designed the Step Up range to perfectly fit the unique foot shape of first time walkers. Step Up's are the best baby shoes for first walkers that’ll help your child’s feet develop naturally and aid them in playtime too.