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Vacation and Trip Preparation Tips for Kids



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Vacation and Trip Preparation Tips for Kids

Vacation Prep Tips for Kids

Vacation is a time to get away from the daily grind and allow yourself to relax for a few days... in a perfect world! Traveling with kids? Long hours in the car or waiting in line for your flight can put everyone in the family on edge. The key to a successful vacation with kids? Plan, plan and plan some more! Learn how to create a plan of action so that you are fully prepared for any challenge you may face.

Know What and How to Pack

When it comes to your clothes and toiletries, only pack what you need. Hauling around a lot of extra baggage will just slow you down and make you wish you had packed lighter. Trust us! Give the kiddos a piece of luggage that is easy for them to carry or roll and make sure to help each child pack all of their clothing and necessities. By giving the kids their own luggage, it makes it easier to get everyone from point A to point B.

Take the Right Snacks

No trip is ever complete unless someone is hungry during the trip. While it's easy to pack a cooler full of sandwiches and freshly cut veggies for a quick lunch, there will always be one child (or parent - hello Dad!) who gets hungry while you are on the road or plane. This calls for having the right snacks and then some back-up snacks too! Stock up a ziplock bag with a variety of nutritious single serving snack packs for easy access and little to no mess to clean up. Granola bars and juice boxes are super easy to handle and even easier to dispose of.


Family packing car for travel



Airplane or Car Activities

Keeping your kids occupied while they are riding in a car or airplane will take some real effort and planning, let's be real. If they have a tablet or cellphone, set them up with a set of headphones and your Netflix or Hulu account. If you wish, there are also hundreds of educational apps for every grade and age group that your child can play and maybe even learn a few things in the process in-between binge watching Paw Patrol.

Plan Ahead

If you are driving, map out your route and know where areas of interest are so you can stop occasionally and let your kids explore to get out some energy. By planning your route carefully, you can also include stops that are educational. This will keep the kids from getting bored and they get to see a little bit more of the world instead of just driving through it. An old fashioned game of "I Spy" never hurts either!

Make A Game Out of It

Sick of playing "I Spy"? Try the letter game to find all of the letters of the alphabet in sequence. Or create a story by having everyone add one creative sentence at a time. Make sure you write it down so you can read it later! This will make the trip more about the journey in addition to your destination.
Don't forget to get the kids involved in planning! Prep them for the journey by reminding them frequently of how you will get there and asking what types of activities or games they would like to take along. By making sure your kids have plenty of things to keep them occupied during travel, everyone involved will be happier. Where are your summer travels taking you? Do you have any must-share travel tips that you swear by? Share below!