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Tidying Up for Kids (Make Room Cleaning Fun!)



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Tidying Up for Kids (Make Room Cleaning Fun!)
Cleaning your house while the kids are growing is like trying to keep the sidewalks clean in a snowstorm. It can be done if you start to teach your children early about the importance of maintaining a neat and clean room. While it won't always be pristine (especially when they are playing), you can help them keep the room clean when they aren't in there.

The Benefits of an Uncluttered Room

First and foremost, by having an uncluttered room, there will be fewer accidents. Fewer toys on the floor mean fewer tripping hazards and having tables free of crayons and blocks will mean fewer spills and messes. Another plus is that everything will be in its "home" making it much easier to find the next time it's needed. A clean room is not only a good confidence builder but a clean environment improves productivity too!

Vacuum glitter room kids cleaning

Make Cleaning Fun

One of the best ways to keep your kids interested in cleaning is to make it fun. Turn on some of their favorite music and dance the room clean. Some songs are written with specific moves already written into the lyrics. Just adapt the moves and let the cleaning begin! Scavenger hunts, miniature races, and a variety of other fun activities can be used to help kids sort, pick up and clean their rooms. Be creative! That's part of the fun of being a parent. Remember, it's only a chore if you turn it into one.

Learn As You Clean

When your kids are small, many of their toys have similar shapes and colors. There are things you can do while cleaning that will allow you to teach your children numbers, shapes, colors, and concepts. A good example is with colors. By picking up all of the red blocks, blue blocks, and yellow blocks, it will be easy for them to remember the colors later. The same is true for shapes. Picking up squares, circles, triangles and rectangles will allow them to learn through play. Learning while you work is a good way to make sure they know what you are teaching them. It's much better than memorization and they will retain the information much longer.

White blanket toys kids room organize cleaning

Children Are Always Eager to Help

Your kids will emulate almost everything you do. If you are cleaning, they typically want to help (until they get older that is). Let them! Give them a cloth and a small broom (or a hand-vac) and show them the right way to wipe down a table or other pieces of furniture. Teach them young when they are eager to learn and they are more likely to be willing to take on the tasks as they get older. Another benefit of teaching your children fun ways to clean their room is that the concept can be applied to other areas of the house as well. If a child is given the right encouragement and the tasks can be turned into a recreational activity instead of a chore, they are more likely to help you to clean other areas of the house as well. Teach your children the right way to clean when they are growing and you will instill lifelong habits that will serve them well for many years to come.