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Thanksgiving Activities for Kids | Bobux

Thanksgiving fun with your Little One

The holidays are a great time of year for sharing family traditions and enjoying time with your loved ones. During the holidays, families gather together. It's often the one time of the year when everyone slows down and dedicates time out of their busy schedules to see their relatives. It's especially important to make that time count by making as many memories as you can. As your children grow, those memories will be what they look back on fondly as they grow into adults and start their own families.

It Wouldn't Be Thanksgiving Without Food

In the past, women spent most of their time in the kitchen while the men lounged in the living room to watch football. Luckily times have changed! Now, when it's time to do the cooking, you can turn it into a family affair. Have the kids help you make the Thanksgiving feast by setting the table, mixing the mashed potatoes or taste testing. Small children can help to decorate cookies while the bigger kids can grab a spoon and help with the dicing and measuring of ingredients. Teaching them how to make your family's Thanksgiving recipes will pass along your holiday traditions to the next generation.

Crafts and Games Galore!

As the meal is cooking, break out the crafts and games! The kids can make handmade placemats or popsicle stick turkeys and add their own personal touches. But if the sound of cleaning up glitter and glue in addition to the turkey dinner dishes makes you cringe, scratch that idea and set up a game table with board games for the kids. A family game of charades is always a blast and will ensure lots of laughs! If your family is competitive, up the stakes with a winner raffle drawing. You can make a few small goody bags in advance for the raffle winners to take home.

Thanksgiving Crafts Image

Time to Have Some Fun!

Whether there is snow on the ground or you live in a warmer climate, keeping the kids corralled inside the house will only last so long before someone starts jumping on the furniture. If the games and crafts wrap up before your turkey feast is ready, send the kids outside for a good game of tag or a snowball fight. Anything that will burn off that excess energy and keeps them healthy and active. It doesn't hurt that it will help work up their appetite too!

When the meal is ready to be served, gather around the table and take a moment to look around at the family and friends who are all gathered together. Take a moment to remember those who are gone and hug your children tightly. They are the future and the memories you make today will be what they remember when they are at future Thanksgiving holidays with their own children and grandchildren.

From our Bobux family to yours, we wish you the happiest of holiday seasons! Do you have any fun Thanksgiving traditions or games you play as a family? We'd love to hear from you in the comments!