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Summer Learning for First Graders



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Summer Learning for First Graders

Summer Learning for First Graders

When children are young, they want to be on the go exploring and learning about the world around them. During the school year, their learning activities are controlled and scheduled to keep them moving forward at a steady pace. Once school is over for the year, kids lose that structured learning environment. For kids going from the first to second grade, keeping them busy during the summer is important and there are many different things you can do with your children to keep them busy all summer long.


Keep a Journal

Children in first grade are starting to write their names, words and in some cases, short sentences. Buy a notebook that your child can use as a journal. Encourage them to write their names and give them exercises where they learn how to write short sentences and finish with a corresponding picture. Let them use crayons, pens, or colored pencils, anything that sparks their creativity.


Use What Your Child Enjoys

Use the activities that your child enjoys. For example, if they like to build things using blocks or Legos, create simple math equations using the bricks and different colors. If your child likes to draw, have them draw certain numbers of each shape in different colors and have them do simple math problems. Find books on topics they enjoy reading about and have story time before they go to bed each night. Encourage them to read to one another.

Boy with learning blocks


Food Fun

Using colorful vegetables is a great way to help them learn about healthy foods and eating right. Teach them how to use a recipe. This not only teaches them how to cook, but it also involves teaching them different measurements such a cup, teaspoon, tablespoon, pint, quart, halves, quarters and whole items.


Visit the Library

Visiting the library on a regular basis familiarizes your child with how a library works and shows them that there is an alternative to the internet. Children learn by example so checking out a book or two will show your kiddo that both of you can read together. You can also look for different activities the library has planned and make it a point to attend.


Educational Apps Make Traveling Fun

There are many educational apps that you can download to a cell phone or tablet. Let your child explore a few of the apps while you are traveling to keep them from getting bored during the long car ride and they will also learn something new in the process.


Keep your child's mind sharp during the summer months. Offering them educational activities over summer break will ensure they are ready to go at the beginning of the next school year. Let them learn at their own pace and challenge them to see if they are ready to move ahead. Giving them new things to learn each week will keep them intrigued and wanting to learn more.