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Spring Summer 2021 with Nicola Williamson


At Bobux we believe that imagination, creativity and a sense of adventure make the world a better place. What does this mean for you when you are designing each new range?


Children are at the heart of each of my designs and are my inspiration. For example, I asked my niece and nephew to join me at work one day at the beginning of designing the 2021 range. After talking with them, listening and watching them interact with the shoes I was inspired to create a shoe that could bring them joy, encourage creativity and keep the parents happy at the same time. This shoe is called “Switch”.



When you were a little one, what did you imagine you would be when you were grown up?


As long as I can remember, I have always loved dressing up, colour, fabrics, shoes and cooking. I dreamt of being a designer or a chef or simply the best Mum in the world. I did think however that I would have been a Chemist or a Scientist as I was very good at these subjects and have a logical brain good for problem solving. The combination of creativity and logic are perfect for my role as the Lead Designer for Bobux.


Bobux Nicola Williamson

This year marks 30 years that Bobux has been crafting the world’s best shoes for little feet. Each day has been a journey, and we’ve come a long way in 30 years. You’ve been here for 18 of those years - what have been your highlights of being with Bobux on that journey, through all the innovations, the milestones, and the adventures?


My 2 children have also been on this journey with me and have both grown up wearing Bobux products which I love. Each day at Bobux is always different from the next and each day it feels like I am moving forward creatively and growing stronger together with Bobux successes. There have been many challenges and adventures along the way. For example, our shoes, both the soft soled and outdoor soled, have challenged the industry as they have all been radically different to our competitors and we challenged the Status Quo. Believing in who we are and what we do (create the best shoes in the world for growing feet) has been my strength and my commitment to delivering this promise in every design. Winning many awards is a lovely feeling but nothing compares to seeing a child so happy wearing their new shoes and refusing to take them off at night as they love them so much.



You’ve created so many different timeless, playful, and dynamic collections for Bobux over the years. What was your inspiration for the 2021 range? Is there something key you took inspiration from for 2021?


The inspiration for Spring Summer 2021 was a place I made up called Lollipop land. I imagined this place full of happiness, sunshine and colours that looked like they were made from Candy. The key styles for this Lollipop collection are The Quickdry sandals, Summit sandal, Switch, Scamp and Play knit.




We know we’re not supposed to pick favourites, but sometimes we just can’t help it. What’s your favourite style from the range, and why does it hold that special place in your heart?


My pick of not just the season but the year is The Grass Court Switch, which is a trans-seasonal trainer, and I designed this shoe for children to love to wear and encourage them to learn, create and express themselves. This is due to the straps being removable on our very popular Grass Court Trainer so that the children can change the straps to suit their mood, clothes, to help learn left from right, just for fun... One of the parents sent in a comment after the wear test program their child took part in:


“Thank you so much for sharing your latest shoes with my kids. Lucy is obsessed with the sneakers with interchangeable straps. They have motivated her to get up and put her own shoes on (so she can choose the strap colours) and often by the time she runs down to our room in the morning she already has them on! She loves picking the strap colours and often we have a change part way through the day Credit for the design you have come up with - it’s awesome that changing the straps is simple enough for my two (almost three) year old to manage herself. In usual Bobux style they seem super comfy for her and have great grip. They also seem more hard wearing than the last pair of grass courts that she had over the winter - she’s had heaps of use out of them, including on her bike and scooter and climbing trees, and the leather still looks perfect. She says she loves the shiny pink and blue straps best. Thank you for making sneakers fun!”



What new materials are you most excited about sharing with the Bobux family? Was there inspiration behind them? 


I re-introduced Cotton Canvas to the S1 2021 collection in a style called Scamp. This is a summer Xplorer and cotton Canvas is the perfect choice as it is natural, breathable, light weight, washable.



We’ve done a lot over the last 30 years, and we’re so excited for what’s to come and the new adventures that await. Where do you hope to see Bobux go in the next 30 years?


Bobux on the moon!