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Snakes on a Stick with Dane McGregor



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Snakes on a Stick with Dane McGregor

With so many children celebrating their birthdays in isolation at the moment, away from friends and extended family, we teamed up with @bakergatherer Dane McGregor to share a series of fun recipes to inspire, create and enjoy with those in our bubble. Read on to find out how to make Dane's latest creation for Bobux Sessions - Snakes on a Stick!


Head over to our IG Stories here to watch the how to videos!

Recipe Below.


Bobux Sessions

Is your little adventurer looking for some more things to do? Bobux Sessions bring all kinds of fun for little ones straight to your home. From Tuesdays to Saturdays during April we'll have some of our talented Kiwi friends take us through magical stories, science sessions, delicious treats to whip up at home, and yoga moves for young ones! Join us Live at 11am NZT on our instagram @bobuxshoes so your little ones can say hello to our special guests and ask them questions along the way, or check out the videos afterwards on our IGVT! See you there!



Hailing from Hamilton, Dane McGregor’s passion project is as a content creator known as the Baker Gatherer. He aims to create recipes that inspire and engage with his follower’s senses. Dane is also a father who has degrees in graphic design as well as early childhood teaching. As a foodie at heart, he is excited to bring his creations to the Bobux Sessions.


 Dane McGregor bakergatherer



Snakes on a Stick - Cheese & Pesto Pinwheel Snakes

Head over to our IG Stories here to watch the how to videos!


Here's what to do:



  • 250g Plain Flour

  • 1 Tablespoon Baking Powder

  • 30g Butter

  • 190ml Milk

  • 50g Pesto

  • Grated Cheese

1. Preheat oven to 220°C bake, line a baking tray and set aside.
2. In a large bowl, mix together the dry ingredients, along with a pinch of salt.

3. Add butter and rub through dry ingredients with fingertips until it resembles a fine bread crumb.
4. Pour in the milk, mixing and cutting through with a metal knife until the dough comes together.
5. Pour out onto a floured surface and knead into a ball. Using a rolling pin, roll to a 20x30cm rectangle.
6. Spread rolled out dough with pesto and sprinkle with a handful of cheese.
7. Carefully roll dough from the long edge until you’ve created a log.  Evening slice 1.5cm segments, lay on prepared baking tray and tidying segments into circular shapes.
8. Bake for 10-12 minutes or until lightly coloured and risen. Remove from the oven and allow to cool.




  • Red Capsicum

1. Slice thin strips of capsicum and trim to resemble the shape of a snake tongue.
2. Using a toothpick, careful make an incision big or wide enough to insert the tongue into the end of the pinwheel. Again use the toothpick to help maneuver and push tongue inside the incision.
3. To insert stick, firm hold a pinwheel with your hand and push stick through half way, arrange your snakes in a jar.

Makes 15

 snakes on a stick cheese pinwheels


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