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Shoes For Newborns



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Shoes For Newborns
A newborn's foot is unique. Baby feet are rounder and have more padding on the bottom so that the foot can develop and grow naturally. As their feet continue to develop, the roundness gradually goes away and a more defined arch appears. The more that the foot develops, the more flexible their feet will become. The muscles and bones continue to grow, providing the child with the ability to become more mobile. From crawling to walking, each stage in your little one's development will require a different type of shoe to help them maintain their balance and walk with confidence.

Flexible Materials

Allowing children to walk barefoot as much as possible assists in maintaining their flexibility and range of motion. Bobux soft sole shoes allow children freedom of movement and natural flexibility. The materials used in our soft sole shoes, soft leather and suede, make it easy for the baby to flex and move their feet without confining or restricting them.


Bobux soft sole shoes are designed for maximum comfort. The shoes are molded to the contours and curves of a newborn's foot, creating a custom fit that is as anatomically correct as possible. This gives your newborn's feet the opportunity to stretch or curl their toes without any feelings of discomfort.

Grey Bobux Zebra Soft Sole Shoes for Infants

Natural Development

A newborn's foot contains large amounts of soft cartilage that eventually turn into bone. During this stage of development, their feet will actually start to take the shape of the shoes they wear. If the shoes are too tight or restrict their movements in any way, it can damage their feet and cause abnormal growth patterns. Bobux soft sole shoes are podiatrist endorsed so proper form and function are at the core of each design.

Beautiful Design

We use only the highest quality materials in our soft sole collection. We hide the inseam so it will not irritate the child's foot in any way and also choose the softest suede for the soles. The soft leather upper and elastic collar hold the shoe securely in place so that your child's foot is protected at all times.

If you are looking for the perfect pair of newborn or baby shoes, shop our collections. We offer styles for every stage of your child's development and each shoe is designed to allow your child's feet to develop naturally so that their feet stay healthy and strong. The soft sole is specifically designed with newborns in mind!