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The Benefits: 5 Reasons to Ensure your Kids have the Right Shoes


Let’s face it, we all find it hard to see beyond looks. But judging purely on looks can, as they say, be deceiving. If you’re anything like us, you’ve made a mistake or two in the past because you picked beauty over comfort. Don’t pass that mistake onto your kids too!

Next time you want to impulsively buy that cutesy pair of baby shoes, STOP! Don’t be tempted by the shoe that may (literally) sweep your tot off his or her feet! Think about the needs of your child’s growing feet first! Here are five important reasons to buy shoes that cater to your tot’s podiatric development.

1. Comfort

It goes without saying: comfort is key. Kids are a bundle of energy and, whether they’re at school, home or the local playground, they will be active. And their shoes will be left by the wayside if they aren’t comfy enough.

It can be hard to gauge your child’s level of comfort (they’re more likely to throw the shoes off before whining to you about them!). In fact, many kids don’t feel the pain of tight-fitting shoes until the damage is done.

Poorly-fitted shoes can actually hinder a child’s normal growth and comfort. Pediatric orthopedist Lynn Staheli, M.D. says stiff and tight footwear may cause deformity, weakness, and loss of mobility.

She suggests children go barefoot as much as possible for healthy foot development. Here’s a crazy fact: 70% of our brain’s information on how to walk, run and jump comes from the nerves on the soles of our feet. So you want to nurture that learning as much as possible!

Sadly, not all ground caters to barefoot toddling for soft and pliable baby feet. In those cases when your bub needs to wear shoes, Dr. Staheli recommends lightweight, flexible shoes.

2. Easy use

We parents know how valuable time is. The last thing we need in the morning rush to school is a ten-minute spectacle fluffing around with laces. That’s why more kids’ shoes, such as the Bobux X-range, are forgoing them altogether. But if you really want to cater to growth, your kid’s shoes ought to have some form of lace, Velcro or other fastening system so that can expand as the feet grow.

3. Rapid growth

Because their little feet grow so fast, it can be difficult to know the right time to get your child a new pair of shoes. Up until the age of three, a toddler’s feet will grow roughly half a size every three months; from three to six years old this increases to every six months.

While most parents gripe about how quickly their kids grow out of their shoes, it isn’t always a good idea to buy shoes few sizes too large. Oversized shoes make it easy for kids to trip and develop foot problems (not to mention they look plain clownish).

It's a good idea to periodically check your children's shoes for wear and tear. Bulging around the sides, worn down soles and toes that bend upwards are all telltale signs it’s time for an upgrade.

4. Breathability

It’s not a ruse! Quality matters! Quality materials, such as leather and canvas will absorb sweat and keep those baby feet cooler and drier during play. The right materials will also reduce discomfort and (mercifully!) smelly feet.

5. Flexibility

If the soles are too stiff or soft, your kid’s feet won’t develop as healthily. It’s as simple as that. Kids shoe soles should be sturdy and thick enough to protect your child’s feet from pain and injury. But they should also be flexible enough to bend with the foot.

Soft sole shoes are ideal for light play while stiffer soles are OK for vigorous child’s play. But once the kids traipse indoors, remove the shoes immediately to limit time they spend with restricted movement. Rigid soles and materials after all don’t cater to wriggling and stretching, leading to poor foot development.

So what do you think? We think it’s mighty important to get your kids good-fitting shoes that are:

  • Easy to get on
  • Lightweight
  • Flexible
  • Comfortable
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • And enable natural walking

It won’t just lead to improve foot development for your kids. It will also give you an easier ride every time you have to sneak a pair onto your fidgety child.

So next time you go shoe shopping, detour away from the glitter and sparkles (really, are they necessary anyway?) and find a spunky pair of shoes designed to help your kids look cool AND feel great. It’ll be a shoe in for your child’s happiness.

Here at Bobux, we care about your child’s podiatric development. Check out our quality range of shoes today and buy a pair that will nurture your child’s growth (and doesn’t compromise on looks either).