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How To Pick The Best Shoes For Toddlers



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How To Pick The Best Shoes For Toddlers
Your children's feet are as unique as their fingerprint. Great care should be taken when picking out the shoes they will wear. With every stage of growth, their feet begin to change and adapt to their current level of activity. While the baby fat that surrounds the delicate bones of their feet can make it difficult to find shoes that fit properly, it's important to remember that your little one's feet at this stage are very pliable. Limiting their movement with stiff, rigid shoes can damage the bones and connective tissues as they continue to develop

Shoe Shape and Foot Shape

Bobux Soft Sole Shoes for infants and Step Up or Xplorer collections for first walkers are specifically designed to fit the dimensions of an infant and toddler foot. When measuring an infant or toddler for a pair of shoes, it's important to account for the fatty portions of the foot. Only let your little ones wear shoes that do not put undue pressure on any area of the foot or restrict movement in any way. This will prevent any possible damage to the bones and connective tissues that are still growing and developing.

children's foot shapes and features throughout development BOBUX

Children's changing foot shapes and features throughout development

Functional Fasteners

What are Functional fasteners? Similar to shoe laces or straps but our functional fasteners serve two main purposes. First and foremost, they keep the shoes where they belong, on your child's feet. They must be secure without binding your child's feet or causing discomfort when they walk, move, or stretch. Secondly, if the shoes are for older children, a functional fastener allows them to be more independent in terms of taking their shoes off and putting them back on without assistance. This will give them a sense of pride and accomplishment as well.

Try Both Shoes On

Bobux I-Walk shoes for toddlers are designed to fit the unique dimensions of your toddler's foot. At this stage, their feet are becoming leaner and the arch more defined. The I-Walk Collection allows their feet to move as nature intended as they start to walk confidently, run and jump. Be sure to always try both shoes on your child's feet, in the toddler stage, especially, as each foot may change at a slightly different rate meaning both shoes may not fit exactly the same.


Use An Expert Fitter

An expert fitter knows how to measure your child's foot, no matter what their age or size. They understand the mechanics of how the foot works and will be able to find the right size of shoe to meet your child's ever-growing needs. They are also able to recognize structural changes that will change the dimensions of your child's feet as they grow. For a child, proper fit is a must!

Choosing the best shoes for your toddlers isn't difficult. You just need to remember form, fit, and function. Finding the right form and fit will allow for proper function. This, in turn, will allow your child to take their first steps in shoes that fit as comfortably as possible. At Bobux, keeping your child's feet healthy and happy is always our first priority!