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Outdoor Winter Activities for Kids



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Outdoor Winter Activities for Kids

Winter is in full swing and you are looking for things to do with the kids that don't involve being cooped up inside. Bundle them up in their warmest clothes and take them outside for some good old fashioned family fun! Along with their snow pants and heavy coat, a good pair of Aspen Boots by Bobux will keep their feet warm and protected. Once they're dressed, let the fun begin!

Sleds Away!!

If you live near any type of a slope and the area is safe, let the kids carry their sleds to the top. From round saucer-shaped sleds to toboggan-style sleds, your little ones will have a wonderful time swooshing down the hills and racing against one another to see who makes it to the bottom first. Sledding isn't just fun for children. Parents can sled too, so don't be shy!

Snow Angels

Another fun family activity is making a group of snow angels. Have each member of the family lay on their back and move their arms up and down to create the wings. As they are moving their arms, direct them to move their legs out from side to side to make the gown. Connect the angels by joining the wings or walking along the bottom to create a "floor" or shelf. Don't forget to grab a picture of your little ones in action and in front of their finished snow angel!

Snow Art

Snow art takes many forms. You can create the classic snowman using a variety of accessories or even make a snow family, complete with hats, coats, mittens, and sunglasses. In addition to snowmen, women, and children, you can also get creative with other types of sculptures. Teaching your little ones to make artistic creations with snow will give them the inspiration to try other art forms once they are back indoors as well. Whether you draw in the snow by making trails or use the snow as a medium to create sculptures or snow paintings, exposing your kids to the fun and excitement of being outside as a family in winter is a refreshing experience.

Child in snow instagram user @aperfectpumpkin

Image credit: @aperfectpumpkin on Instagram

Playing outside in the winter wonderland is a blast, but only if everyone is dressed in the right attire. If you're looking for a durable and warm winter boot, look no further than the Bobux Aspen Boot. The 100% Merino Wool inner lining is paired with an internal waterproof membrane and water-resistant coating to protect against winter conditions. When the temperatures start to drop and the snow begins to fall, don't trap your kids inside! Dress them as warm as possible and take them outside for some fun in the snow!