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Outdoor Summer Activities for Kids



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Outdoor Summer Activities for Kids
Summer is here and your kids are looking for fun ways to spend their time. There are several options to choose from that will allow your child to stay active and have fun with either their friends or as a family. Going on a trip with other families? We also have some ideas that allow several families to get in on the fun, together! Read on below for fun summer activities that can provide your child with the adventure they are looking for.

Summer Camp

Summer camps are a great way to give your little one some independence and allow them to spend some much needed time away from home (for both them and you!) in a controlled environment. There are several types of camps, such as Boy/Girl Scout camps, music camps, outdoor skills camps, and many others that are devoted to providing your child with both challenging lessons and socialization. Camps can last anywhere from three days to a month, in most cases, giving your children a chance to meet other kids with the same interests and return to school in the fall with a few fun tales to share with the class!

Boy playing baseball

Athletic Programs

Summer athletic programs allow your children to experience different sports like soccer, baseball, softball, football or basketball. Athletic programs teach children the value of good sportsmanship which complements lessons learned when it comes to sharing in the classroom or on the playground. Coaches can also teach specific fundamentals for each sport that will allow children to play at a higher level as they get older. Many high school athletes learn their initial skills and sports fundamentals from the coaches they trained with during summer athletic programs.

Summer School

Kids who enjoy academics can also attend optional summer school if one is available in your area. Most schools that offer a summer school program often open it up to the public if the parents are willing to pay for the additional cost. Summer school programs are a great way to introduce kindergarteners to a daily school routine and will help to maintain that routine for older children. It also helps children retain the things they have learned the previous year and to decrease the phenomenon of "Summer Brain Drain".

Family Camping and Hiking Activities

Summer simply can't be over without a family camping or hiking trip! As a family or traveling group, you can pair up on teams for a scavenger hunt for a fun or even sensible prize (no dishes for the winning team!). Group activities promote bonding, team building and critical thinking, and the best part is everyone is enjoying the great outdoors.

And don't forget to pack their Bobux shoes! They stand up to the most rigorous outdoor terrain and are made for maximum comfort and durability. Bobux are podiatrist endorsed and designed with children's feet in mind so they can take whatever your child dishes out, including jumping into the creek or trekking up the hiking trail.

Whether you are sending your child to summer camp, summer school, or taking them out for an afternoon hike with the family, having Bobux shoes on your child's feet ensure that they will be as comfortable as possible at all times.