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Outdoor Activities for Toddlers

5 Outdoor Activities for Toddlers 


Once upon two feet, our little ones are often hard to keep up with. Fortunately, there are many activities for toddlers that both support their learning and help burn off their energy each day. What’s more, taking these activities outside can open a new world of excitement, curiosity, and creativity for every child to explore. 


If you are looking for some inspiration to get your kids moving and grooving in the outdoors, our team at Bobux have you covered. 


Why Activity is So Important for Toddlers


Being cooped up indoors can leave children feeling a little stir-crazy. Introducing a selection of outdoor activities for toddlers provides a wide variety of opportunities to connect with the natural world by exploring and discovering aspects of their environment. These activities promote an active lifestyle, encourage children to move confidently, and strengthen their gross and fine motor skills. Venturing outside even gives toddlers (and adults) the license to get messy and carefree with their learning. 


As such, spending time outdoors should be an essential part of any child’s life, as it contributes to their overall development as individuals. 


Types of Outdoor Activities for Toddlers 


Activities for toddlers in the outdoor space are fantastic for developing their personalities and interests, as well as their physical growth and development. From enjoying the fresh air to experiencing different environments, your toddler will always benefit from outdoor activities. 


Here are five exciting ideas to get you started:


1. Nature Hunt

Toddlers love seeking and searching, so why not tap into this and create a nature hunt for them? This will not only help to develop their curiosity, but it will also build their understanding of the world around them, as well as add to their vocabulary and problem-solving abilities. 


Whether following a map or spotting landmarks and creatures, nature hunts are fun and engaging activities for toddlers that can be easily adapted to suit children of other ages. Make sure their feet are well protected with a quality pair of toddler shoes.


2. Obstacle Course 

Get moving outside with an obstacle course! You can support your toddlers as they develop their gross motor skills with various challenges, including climbing blocks, tunnels, slides and more. Incorporate natural elements to add dimension to the outdoor experience, like climbing trees or jumping over logs. Whatever you choose, be sure that every challenge is age appropriate for your little one. This way, you can enjoy a diverse and stimulating obstacle course experience without incurring unnecessary risks. 


3. Water Play 

Outdoor water play is a brilliant way to engage all your toddler’s senses. Take their learning outside by filling up a tub of water and adding various items, including toys, bubbles, or even Tupperware, for them to explore. These water sensory experiences help develop imagination along with maths and science concepts and reinforce your child’s understanding of the world around them, so the sky is the limit! 

Just remember to always supervise your toddler when they are playing with water to ensure their safety!


4. Movement Games

Toddlers are little bundles of energy, so finding activities to help them expend it while learning is terrific for their development. Movement games could involve something as simple as racing from one spot to another, to bringing your little one’s friends together for an energetic dance or round of Hokey Pokey! 

You can tailor these games to suit your child’s interests to guarantee they will have fun every time, strengthening their muscles, developing spatial awareness, and honing their physical skills. 


5. Family Hikes & Other Outdoor Activities

Outside family gatherings are a fantastic way to develop relationships and strengthen bonds. Together you can enjoy the wonders of the natural world. Why not take a picnic at the park and play games on the grass? Or venture out for a beach day for a splash in the water! From hikes to sitting and reading stories under the shade of a tree, taking your family time into nature will lend depth and variety to any outdoor activities for toddlers. 


Enhance Any Outdoor Activities for Toddlers with Bobux


To ensure all your outdoor activities for toddlers are safe and risk-free, your little one must be given the tools they need to succeed. Walking shoes that fit well are a perfect example of this. 


By finding the right fit for your child, you are supporting their physical development so they can move easily and confidently. A good-quality shoe for your toddler will also protect them from the natural elements, whether this is cool temperatures or falling objects. 


At Bobux, we are experts in offering the best quality designs to nurture and safeguard little feet for any activity. You can learn more about the science behind each of our creations with our overview of the stages of development, helping you to find the best choice of footwear for your child, and you can also consult our shoe sizing and fitting guide to source the ideal fit. 


If you have further questions about finding the right shoes for your toddler, don't hesitate to contact our Bobux team by submitting an online enquiry today.