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10 Ways You Can Look After Your Baby's Feet



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10 Ways You Can Look After Your Baby's Feet


We know babies have their own funny ways of communicating, but your wee darling probably won’t be able to tell you that their feet are sore, cold or cramped. And although a heads up would be nice, they most definitely won’t be able to tell you that their footwear doesn’t meet the pediatric standards required to facilitate healthy foot development (at least not in so many words). Whether or not they communicate it to you, your baby’s feet need to be looked after. From heel to toe, here are 10 ways you can to take care of baby’s feet.


1. Keep Their Feet Clean


Babies don’t really get up to a whole lot (it’s not like they pay taxes or run marathons), but those tootsies can sure get grubby. Baby’s feet should be washed carefully once a day, and dried thoroughly with a soft towel - especially between those little toes! It’s best to use something low-fragrance, gentle and baby-specific - We love Ecostore’s Baby Body Wash.


2. Teach Good Hygiene Habits


Babies have been known to mimic their parents so teach them about keeping their feet clean by having a pedicure together. Show them how you clean your feet step by step, and they’ll be following in your footsteps in no time!


3. Keep An Eye Out For Ouchies


Every time you change baby’s nappy give their feet an inspection. Look out for injuries such as small cuts, anything that looks like it’s wrapped around their toes (a piece of hair, for example), blisters and dry skin. After every inspection, give your baby’s feet a gentle clean with a baby wipe.


picture of baby's feet


4. Be Vigilant With Cuts And Blisters


For small cuts, wash with soap and water, and dress with a band-aid. Don’t be tempted to leave the cut uncovered - this leaves it open to infection. Blisters can also lead to infection. The best way to prevent germs getting in and help the blister to heal is to cover with a bandage and resist popping it - that little bubble is your baby’s natural band-aid.


5. Let Them Go Barefoot


Baby feet foot care doesn’t just mean short-term fixes like applying a sticking plaster when bub gets a boo-boo. You need to think long-term and by long-term we mean their foot development. Let bub go barefoot as much as possible. This optimises proprioception (one of the many benefits of barefootedness) and means their feet and toes are free to wiggle as they please.


baby's foot



6. Protect Their Feet When They’re Out And About


If they’re going to be crawling on concrete, splintered wood, or any other hazardous surface, protect their feet with a pair of breathable leather soft soled shoes. Click here for guidance on the best shoes for babies.


7. Let Them Wiggle


For your baby’s feet to develop, their legs need to be strong enough to effectively support baby when she starts to crawl, and eventually stand and walk. The more your baby kicks her legs about, the stronger those tiny leg muscles become - so it’s important they have the freedom to do their thing. Avoid tight-fitting legwear and socks so nothing holds bub back from getting big and strong.


8. Monthly Pedicure


Taking care of baby’s feet also means grooming their tiny toenails. Although minuscule, their toenails can be very sharp and with all that wriggling they may scratch themselves. Baby’s toenails should be trimmed once or twice a month with clean clippers to keep them short and sweet. The best time to give them their mini-pedi is after a bath when the nails are soft and to avoid ingrown toenails, be sure to trim them straight with no rounded edges.


Bobux soft soles


9. Keep Them Cosy


In colder weather, take care of baby’s feet by keeping them warm. Avoid tight-fitting socks as this restricts movement, particularly in their toes. On the other hand, you should also avoid loose-fitting socks that are easy for baby to kick off. So where might you find the middle ground? A good idea is to opt instead for a comfy onesie which cuddles right around the feet. Check there’s plenty of wiggle room and you’ve got some toastie toes.


10. Give Them Kisses And Tickles


This may not be a legitimate baby foot care tip, but we highly recommend kisses and tickles.


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And if you're looking for more life-saving child-rearing hacks (you’re welcome) check out some of our other bits of advice on our Bobux blog today.