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Out-of-the-Box Kids Birthday Party Ideas



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Out-of-the-Box Kids Birthday Party Ideas

It’s safe to say inventing an inspiring and fun kids’ party idea can be overwhelming. Let’s be honest, it’s not just the kids you have to entertain – it’s also those mums and dads you’ll want to impress.

It shouldn’t have to be a chore. Your precious little one’s birthday should be something you’re as thrilled to plan as your wedding day or that day not so long ago when baby was due.

Here are some kooky, fun and inspiring kids birthday party ideas at home that’ll get everyone involved.

Storybook Party

This is just adorable – and educational! Who doesn’t love to see a child’s head stuck in a book – not literally, of course. There is a bit of DIY involved here, so make sure they don’t get too creative with the glue!

This is the kind of kids’ party YOU will look forward to. We know, it’s a revolutionary concept. But to see the kids arriving at your door dressed in their favourite storybook character is all too delightful. Have each child bring along a pre-loved book to host a book swap.

Then, to watch them scribbling away at creating their own book – which you’ll fold, staple and send off with them – well, it’s simply marvellous. Alternatively you can supply the arts and crafts for them to create their own bookmarks.

The party favours are all too simple – a calico library book bag filled with their own DIY book, their new pre-loved book, some cute bookmarks, and more.

montage of kids storybook party ideasPhoto credit clockwise from top: Sara Ella, Kara’s Party Ideas, We Geek Girls.

The Polka Dot Party

Little kids are especially captivated by colour and shapes. Put the two together to create a visually stunning birthday party. The décor is all too easy; polka dot tablecloths, plates, cup, napkins, straws and birthday candles. Go for the striking look with primary colour circles or stick to a fancier monochrome style.

Think bubbles and balloons, Twister and yo-yos. Fill a room with bouncy balls of all sizes. And as for edibles, you can’t go past lollipops, bagels, round-shaped sandwiches (cut out with cookie cutters), cherry tomatoes and apples, fruit loops and donuts.

montage of kids polka dot party ideasPhoto credit clockwise from top right: Bartz Party Stores, Kara’s Party Ideas, Dreamer’s Joy, Anders Ruff.

Tea Party

Children can enjoy a classy High Tea party or a whacky Alice in Wonderland affair with this theme – it’s really up to the birthday buddy to decide.

You can get wonderful or whacky with decorations here – don’t hold back on the lace and ribbons for a fancy affair, or string up op-shop tea cups if you want to mimic the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party.

Organise musical chairs or crochet to keep the kids amused. One idea we love is to buy white porcelain cups and give each child a Sharpie to decorate the china. They can take the keepsake home and put it in the oven to permanently set their scribbles and have a marvellous memento.

We don’t know about you, but we don’t know all that many kids who love to sip a steaming mug of Earl Grey. So put aside the tea bags and think outside the square. Fill tea infusers with Nesquik Chocolate Powder or that loveable Aussie Milo instead. Present cupcakes and other sweet treasures on “High Tea” cake stands for something a little more glamorous.

montage of kids tea party theme ideasPhoto credit clockwise from top right:, Tea Party Girl, Hostess with the Mostess, Blue Bowl.

Camp out

Kids big and little love camping out for the adventure it inspires. If you’ve got older children, they’ll jump at the chance of hosting a kids-only camp out in their own backyard (and let’s be honest, you’ll love having them all out of the house too!).

Make sure the party invites include a list of items to bring, with everything from sleeping bags to toothbrush and PJs. Older children can enjoy a scavenger hunt or tell ghost stories around a campfire (or by torch light).

But younger children needn’t miss out. This is “camp out” made miniature, in an afternoon. Gather the toddlers together for a teddy bear’s picnic. Encourage them to bring along their favourite teddy or stuffed animal.

Party activities can include Pin the Tail on the Donkey, collecting and creating nature collages with items found in your backyard, cutting and pasting animal masks, and more.

You can get creative with food ideas as well; gummy bears, marshmallows and trail mixes will make good snacks (make sure there are no nut allergies first!). And you can’t pass up on hot chocolates and pancakes for breakfast for those happy overnight campers.

montage of kids camping party ideasPhoto credit clockwise from top right: Design Dazzle, All for the Boys, The Sendo Blog, Loralee Lewis Blog

Let’s get messy

Young kids are so used to being told off for making a mess. With the Messy Party theme, let them unleash their inner Jackson Pollock!

This is one for the parents as well; rather than spending your afternoon running around cleaning up after Hurricane Kids Party, decide instead to let it all go and embrace the mess!

Planning for this party theme is easy but crucial. Make sure you throw down some butcher’s paper to protect those carpets. And give each child a take-home apron that they can use during the party.

Party activities can evolve around baking or arts and crafts, depending on the children’s ages. Encourage them to get their hands (and feet!) dirty with finger painting or foot painting (we’ve collated some awesome ideas together on our Feet Painting with Kids Pinterest board). Or pull out the Play Dough for some 3D fun.

Make sure you’re well stocked up on child-friendly hand soap and have plenty of buckets of warm water handy for the post-party clean up to send the kids home looking fresh!

montage of kids messy party ideasPhoto credit clockwise from top right: Bohemian Spirits, The Berry, Fun at Home with Kids, Paper Blog.

Peter Pan

This is the ironic party theme for the child who doesn’t want to grow up. Well for today only, they don’t have to. Peter Pan provides an awesome dress-up possibilities, inspiring Lost Boys, pirates, fairies and maybe even the odd crocodile to show up for the festivities.

Peter Pan Party ideas can include pirate regalia, including the infamous hook, lots of ticking clocks, fairy dust and more. Encourage the kids to create messages in a bottle or draw up a treasure map and arrange a treasure hunt for the whole team.

montage of peter pan party ideasPhoto credit clockwise from top right: Seshalyn’s Party Ideas, Classy Clutter, Etsy, Sew in Harmony.

Mini baker and chocolate maker

We’re so excited by this idea, we’re pretty sure you’ll want to join in too! This party is ALL about the food – except you don’t have to prepare anything in advance!

Just keep some plastic or rubber moulds and chocolate melts in various flavours available. Make sure you’ve got lots sprinkles and interesting add-ins; edible cookie dough, marshmallows, M&Ms, coconut and more. You can also have them making chocolate covered strawberries or even mini cupcakes.

Every child gets his or her own take-home Chef Hat, apron, wooden spoon, and of course the food they’ve slaved away on.

montage of baking party ideasPhoto credit clockwise from top right: Design Dazzle, Pinterest, Chickabug Blog, Tammy Mitchell Designs.


We’ve got to admit, researching these ideas have us nostalgic for the parties we had in our youth. Have you thrown an awesome kids birthday party theme? Inspire us by leaving a comment below!

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