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How to Make Christmas Magical for Kids



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How to Make Christmas Magical for Kids

With the hustle and bustle of today's busy world, family traditions sometimes get lost amidst text messages and athletic events. Instead of letting this years' holidays fly by, take a few minutes and remember how your grandparents celebrated the holidays. Let's put away the cellphones and the television remotes for a few minutes each day and rekindle some of that holiday magic that may be going by the wayside.

Decorate the Tree

In preparation for Christmas, go as a family to a farm to pick out and chop down your Christmas tree. If faux trees are more your style, sneak it out of the garage and surprise your little ones with a decorating party! Bring out the ornaments and encourage every member of the family to help beautify the tree. Set the mood with Christmas music, tell stories of significant ornaments and the memories they hold, bake cookies and take pictures to capture the moment and remember this day for years to come.

Write Santa a Letter

Help your child draft and address a letter to Santa. They can include a small note and a list of items they would like to receive for Christmas, which is also very helpful if you're still needing to do some last minute shopping! Research if there is a place in your local area to "mail" the letter to Santa so you can make a trip of it.



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Elf on the Shelf or Santa's Footprints

Get your little ones excited for the Christmas Countdown and Santa's arrival with Elf on the Shelf! Every day you can move the elf a little closer to the tree, each time creating a new silly or fun scenario for the children to enjoy. You can also do the same thing with Santa Footprints. Just cut out a set of large footprints and gradually move them closer and closer to the tree or use powdered sugar on Christmas Eve to show Santa came down the chimney.

The Best Gifts Are Baked Gifts

For families that like to cook, spend one weekend as a family baking cookies, cranberry bread, pumpkin pies or cheesecake tarts. Make small versions and include a variety of treats as an excuse to visit your neighbors and spread Christmas Cheer!




Visit A Giving Tree

Most churches and even some organizations like the Salvation Army have giving trees every year. It works by selecting a name from the tree and purchasing the gift listed on the tag for a child or family in need. If everyone in the family chooses a name, it's a wonderful experience to go shopping together or if that's too chaotic, try teaching them to wrap the gifts or add bows. It's a great way to show small children the true meaning of Christmas and giving back.

Take Small Gifts to Nursing Home Residents

The holidays can be very lonely for the elderly who live in nursing homes and assisted living centers. By purchasing or making small gift baskets that contain toiletries or other useful items, you can drop the gifts off to those who may not be able to attend family gatherings. Seeing your little ones faces light up as they hand over the goodies may very well make their day and show your children how to help and support their local community.

Christmas Eve Box

Did your family ever allow you to open one present the night before Christmas? Take this a step further by preparing a Christmas Eve "Box" for each member of the family. Instead of opening a gift, each person is allowed to open their box. Ideas to include in the box are a new pair of matching pajamas, book, a toy, family board game, or festive snack like popcorn, Christmas cookies and hot chocolate. Once everyone has opened their box, put on the pajamas, snag a family photo and settle in to watch a movie or play a game.


The best holiday traditions always involve quality family time! Revisit some long lost Christmas traditions and introduce a few new ones to bring your family closer together and make this holiday one to remember.