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How to Choose the Perfect Sneakers and Runners for Active Kids


We keep harping on about how important it is to find the right pair of shoes for your children . It’s about nurturing natural foot development, improving balance and spatial awareness, and aiding growth.


For active kids, shoes are even more important, since there will be a lot of heavy usage. And that means more wear-and-tear. Active kids and toddlers need shoes that can withstand running along the pavement, pounding the playground and peddling the bike. There several things to keep in mind when choosing shoes for an active toddler.


You want kids shoes you can depend on. So here are some tips to help you find the right pair of kids and toddler shoes for your active lil’ ones.


Always keep in mind the areas to look for when choosing shoes for active kids:

  • Soles: flexibility, durability, traction and grip of the sole is very important for kids who are out and about.
  • Breathability: a light and breathable material is the key to minimising bad kids feet smells and improving temperature regulation. 
  • Size: it is important to get the size just right!
  • Comfort: comfort is key, adjustable fastenings and quality materials all contribute to an all-around comfortable shoe. 
  • Protection and support: shoes with extra support are an added bonus, this could be a reinforced toe cap or durable outer. 



The biggest difference when it comes to choosing shoes for active kids is the sole. Ensure that the sole of your active kids shoes are durable and flexible. 


Flexibility of the Shoe Sole:


For years, we believed that rigid soles helped support growing kids. But this has since been rebuffed. Any active child needs soft, flexible soles that contort to their feet as they run, play, climb and crawl. This encourages more natural walking and better foot development.




It’s not only about flexibility but durability as well. A thin sole can wear through in months if your kid is always scuffing them in play. It is all about shoes made from premium materials that withstand time. Investing in quality toddler and kids shoes will mean you save in the long run and kids feet are properly protected. When cheap low quality kids shoes wear out, their feet are exposed to the elements and not supported properly. Durability is suprt important when looking for kids shoes. 


Thick soles aren’t just for longevity though. They help protect your child’s foot from injury. But be wary! Super rigid soles won’t give your kids the freedom of movement they need in their early age.




Being durable and built-to-last is one thing, but having reliable traction is another. Some shoes lose all grip on their soles. They come to resemble a smooth plane, like veneer, which is far from supportive. Kids shoe soles should feature grip patterns and be made of premium natural rubber that can grip on a variety of surfaces. 


Not to blow our own trumpet but our range of Kid+ shoes are specially designed for superior grip and traction. Featuring a variety of styles of kids sneakers that are designed for adventures. 




But of course you can’t base your decision solely on the sole. There’s more to a shoe than that…




We’ve all had to deal with stinky kids feet. Sweat is the one side effect to non-stop activity. Kids will run themselves into a stupor before they give up, so shoes with aeration is a massive bonus.


Quality fabrics like leather and twin-face merino/nylon knit wick away sweat. They keep those little feet and toes drier, reducing discomfort (and some of the bad odours).




This is universal but even more important if your kids are active. We can’t emphasise this enough…Get the size right!


Always measure your child’s feet and leave about a finger’s width of wiggle room at the end. That’s just enough for the feet to breathe without being too clunky. You can read more fitting tips here.




Get shoes that are easy to put on and take off, even on squirming feet. You can achieve this by looking for elastic mechanisms, such as Velcro.


And don’t clap your kids in shackles. Keep the shoes lightweight to mirror the barefoot feeling as much as possible.


Other protection and support


Kids play is more often than not rough play. While we’ve given up being ultra-protective of them, but we still sigh at the sight of ill-treated shoes at the end of a chaotic day. Shoes with extra support are an added bonus.


That could mean a flexible toe cap made of abrasive resistant fibres, for example. It helps protect the toe and create a more durable shoe.




Our range of Kid+ shoes features amazing styles specially designed for active kids focusing more than ever on foot development and health. Discover the DIMENSION II a highly flexible performance shoe with an ultra lightweight durable sole. The twin-face merino/nylon knit in two-tone colourways lets kid's little feet breathe comfortably and wrap around collar with elastic attachment keeps their feet secure.


The GRASS COURT range of kids leather sneakers are a street-styled trainer perfect for everyday wear. Premium leather with a double strap closure provides an easy, secure fit. The soft leather moulds to kids foot shape and offers superior breathability. A cotton knit lining and padded heel make the Grass Court as comfortable as it is cool. Suitable for active kids, this style fits true to size.


These shoes boast strong yet flexible soles, a comfortable feel, top-quality materials and a whole lot of other features, and podiatrist approved of course! Check them out today and let your kids go wild! For kids who run, jump and play all day, choose Bobux shoes! 


Discover More About Choosing Shoes For Your Kids and Kids Foot Health at Bobux!


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